Monday, 27 May 2013

Closing down my blog for a while.

I have been unwell for some time and find myself always exhausted . I am having a scan to morrow
having had lots of tests.Hopefully the scan will decide what treatment I  will have.Hope its very soon.
I have noted down all the titles of my favourite I will still be able to visit,When I feel like myself again I will start up a new blog.I have enjoyed reading so many wonderful blogs and for encouragement sometimes much needed in times of doubt.Hugs to everyone jill

Friday, 3 May 2013

Comfort dolls and The prayer Flag project

I posted the 6 comfort dolls to the Comfort Doll project this week,soon as they were posted I realised I hadn't photographed them. The village ladies made one each and I made one. They were all very pretty and I am sure they will be apprecated by the women who will receive them.
I did photo the prayer flags which now .hang in the wood.We all made 2 or 3 each and I am hoping now they can be seen more people will make one to add to them.
I am once again using this very old computer   and these photos
are   the best I can do .They only take minutes to make so we hope to add more  soon.