Monday, 28 November 2011

Blogging problems still and a few more fairies

I still seem to have two blogs come up,its a complete mystery. The latest followers seem to be on one or the other,but the content remains the same.I generally am not thinking sensibly at the moment. I set myself the task of making several christmassy fairies and meant to stick to reds ,gold, silver, christmassy colours. But this morning I thought well why have I made this white and purple one. I also tried to change my usual way of doing things and am not at all sure I am pleased with the results for the ones in the right colours. I am going to try some painting this afternoon,it usually makes me feel very calm.Then I'll start some more fairies.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Will it happen or will it won't?

I took the red fairy along to the village workshop in the hope that maybe one or two of the ladies will like to continue our sesions after Christmas. They certainly examined her very carefully and asked what would happen to her after Chrismas,would I sell her or keep her? I suggested they might like to make one themselves. The idea was met with most of them saying they were sure it would be much too difficult,I did my best and now will wait and see what is said next week.
In the mean time I have two more almost finished,they are for here. I want several sitting on a shelf this Christmas.The other panel of the three wise men is finished and next week will be the finishing off session so all is ready to decorate the hall completly.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A fairy for a christmas tree

Now that the decorations for the village hall are well under way I decided I would make a fairy for the tree .I had two thoughts in mind,firstly to make the fairy then it occurred to me that if I made several different ones , a patchwork cushion and also took along some of my quilts for the ladies to see they might like to continue some sessions in the new year.They have all said how much they like working as a group and for me there are the two aspects,I am improving my french by getting to know more people in the village and I to am enjoying working with the group.
I shall have to get up early if I am to finish this doll,I've only finished one leg, half a shoe and need some thing for her head. Oh! then there are her wings though I think I have a pair somewhere.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

How motivation suddenly came

Today I bought a book by Papillon Bleu ,its full of lovely illustrations and a story or stories about
the dolls she has made. Her blog is full of equally pretty photos of her work. If you are a doll maker or lover do take a look.
When I had looked at it I went and dug out some of the little dolls I made probably two years ago. I remembered I had sold several of them but the 4 in the photo I have kept.Looking at them encouraged me to start to make 5 for Christmas,I have a long length of red silk I can use and plenty of gold and silver fabric.

This week at the workshop I am going to ask the ladies to each make some hearts to hang ,I shall divide them into pairs and give each pair a different group of coloured materials and hope we will have plenty by the end of the afternoon.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Blogger problems and moving out of my comfort zone

I am not sure what I have done but somehow I seem to have two blog sites,both almost the same except for the recent new followers, they only appear on one or the other. Then on one site it doesn't show the blog except for the title and the words read more . I thought I would get rid of one only I am scared I might loose both. So I will try this one and see what happens. If your recent comment isn't there then it must be on the other one.
A french friend who has made many many cloth dolls suggested( when I said how mine all seem so similar )that if I made an etirly different one from a pattern it might change my ideas. I always just start mine with no real preconceived idea of how the doll will finish, Over the years I have learnt to draw for myself legs, arms etc and always love doing the faces.Any way Anne -Marie brought round the pattern and I said I would try it out.
I don'tlike the results so far one bit,but already I can see another way of making clothes , I feel reluctant to finish them,maybe I will maybe I won't. I have already started one of my own and will try something different thanks to Anne-Marie.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Christmas workshop

Its a few weeks since I have been here, I have been very busy but also extremly tired all the time. I began working last week with the group of people in the photo,there were 10 of us altogether. We are meeting each week to fill the old school classrooms,now the village hall, with decorations for Christmas. Here in France the people don't usually make as much of Christmas as some countries do. I made lots of templates to begin with and put out red white and green tissue papers as well as lots of card.I showed them how to make the flowers for the garlands and if they wished also shapes for hanging things. I made a sort of wall display of three singing angels, mostly cutting and gluing.I started on another panel of the three kings,when I had finished the second one Martine made a third. I was delighted she so enjoyed her self.,It was difficult not to interfear but I so hope more of them will come up with their own ideas in the remaining weeks.