Saturday, 26 January 2013

Trying something I haven't done for a long time

When I was painting recently and the work was very wet I decided to take a print off the wet surface onto material.I was quite pleased with the results and then decided to draw onto some of them ,put a piece of wadding behind and stitch.I had hoped the wadding would give some sort of slightly raised surface to the butterflys and flowers.I am dissapointed so far both that the mettalic threads don't really show much and nor are the sewn areas puffed up very much.May be the wadding is too thin ?
I still have loads more to add to them so perhaps I should postpone judgment until they are finished.
Or of course the backgrounds are too strong,not much I can do about that with these two .I shall carry on and also try to get some paler backgroungd.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Too much time spent painting!

For weeks now I have been trying and trying to paint,I have dozens and dozens piled up.The joy is that using acrylics you can repaint over them or change the bits you are unhappy with ,add to them or just leave them alone.I start by painting a background,usually 4 or 5,this is what the first painting is.
The painting above started with just such a background.I never quite know what the end result will be.
Seeing this one on the screen I can see I have more to do to it.The large blue flowers need centers and some of the stalks need to be a little darker. The colours in the photograph are much hotter than the painting .Its interesting to see them on a screen, you see them through a different perspective and it certainly shows up things I hadn't realised needed to be changed.The whole process is not only relaxing but totally absorbing,leaves little time for housework and meal making!!!!!!!!!!!