Thursday, 28 October 2010

A little doll

I made myself spend just half an hour to finish this little doll,she will be a gift for my grand daughter when I next visit England.I sat down in my workroom this morning and surveyed the mess and decided part of the answer was to actually finish all those nearly finished things before I begin one more new thing. There are at least 10 items I need to sort out.I also am going to have a good clear out to make more space. I have kept stuff for years and years on a maybe basis but realise maybe will probably never come, right now space and a little organisation would be more useful.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Making a journal.

For months and months I've thought about it and made odd, could be, pages but haven't know quite how to put pages together. Also it seemed to me I didn't have a theme which has to be important if the whole thing is to come together. I've looked at many beautiful ones shown on people's blogs and thought I could never make something so complicated. So I made my fabric cards and sometimes fabric collages and recently collages with insects on. Then this morning I laid them out on my table and realised I had several the same size and if I could join them together I would have the beginnings of a book. I will have to alter the narrower page to fit and choose some of the pages I have made earlier this year to add, then make some more and a cover. Mmm!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Two more fabric cards and a little about Monets garden

I was going to write lots about our visit to Giverney but somehow time has raced by and its almost time to start cooking the evening meal. This picture is the famous waterlily pond that inspired so many of Monets paintings. Its the wrong time of year for the waterlily flowers but it was still a beautiful, tranquil place to sit. I love green and the amazing variety was wonderful to see. The house was also lovely and I wished I could change my kitchen walls to the yellow Monet had in his.

I finished the red card this morning and then decided I must try something different( All this to divert myself from the doll I'm having a problem with) so I made the card with the butterfly. Seeing it now I realise it could have been more complex but its a start to change from the little faces. I have been sent some beautiful lace by Debbie Aristone from CDA along with an amazing hat and hat stand made from recyled materials. It made me want to try harder to use recycled materials. I will post a photo tomorrow if it doesn't rain.. I have to take my photos in the garden
as its quite dark in this house. Back to the lace ,I think I can use some of it on another butterfly card.

Fabric cards dolls and butterflies

Have tried for days to finish my tall doll but frequently found I couldn't decide what to do next,or didn't like the things I had already done.I kept changing to making more fabric post cards. I wasn't fully thinking about what I was doing at all and used little faces I had made weeks ago , I didn't see until it was too late that a couple of times I used faces that weren't quite right.

The face on the mostly red card girl shows her as looking a bit bewildered, poor thing.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

A few days away.

We were to have spent a few days in Paris but terrorist threats and train strikes made us change our minds, instead we went to see Monet's house and garden, and stayed in Vernon an old, part medieval, town. I took many photos but for the moment this is the only one I can find!!!!!!!!! In a way its very apt because we did spent time gazing at windows such as this. We did eat far too much , Tony loved all the savoury things and I loved the cakes. I will find the other photos later today, right now I have a hugh list of must do things including finishing 3 dolls more cards etc etc.( I'm trying not to think about washing and housework )

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

More kittens!!!! and more sewing

Yesterday our hearts sank when we had another kitten arrive in the garden. It was certainly related to the first one but probably a male. We quickly decided we would feed them but they would have to be outside cats. We can pick up the first one and know its important because we will take them to be neutered when old enough. Today there is no sign of him, perhaps it was just a quick visit?
I spent a few hours this morning cutting , sewing and gluing. The picture of the card is not at all accurate, photoshop got out of control but the tags are more or less the right colours. They were such fun to make and, a wonder for me ,made fairly quickly.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Visitors,family and a kitten

My son and grandson have been here for the last week and so I haven't had much time to sew or write here. It was lovely to see them as they live in Australia and I don't see them very often. We were also joined by a small kitten. He or she arrived in our wood shed and cried and cried for days. We wonder if some one didn't want him and left him here seeing we had several cats . The french know that english people generally love animals. and probably would take him in. I so don't want any more cats, but we couldn't see him starve nor be cold , food and a blanket was given while we tried to decide what to do. Now we can pick him up and he runs to us when he sees us and throws himself on his back so we can stroke his tummy, purring loudly. Our other cats are furious and cast some very black looks whenever they see him. Introducing him into the house will be fun!!!!!! Oh dear! you can tell what is going to happen unless we can find a home for him.

As for sewing I have found myself making more fabric cards, now they are sort of Christmassy, and I have almost finished dressing the two dolls.
I received a lovely swap postcard this week and will post a photo later and tell you Lorraines blog address. She makes wonderful things.