Sunday, 31 July 2011

At least I am trying to achieve something

I have spent days and days trying to make some small doll faces I like. I seem to have made dozens and unpicked many rather than waste all the stuffing.I onlyhave one I feel I might use so far and I have two dolls waiting for them.Tomorrow is another day, maybe I will achieve just want I want.
I have also attempted some little postcard size painting based on Martha's colour drop flowers. Not finished yet but a start.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

A new doll finished and another altered

I am going to England tomorrow for a few days and wanted to finish this doll before I left. After the muddle I kept getting into yesterday I had my doubts I would but today went smoothly and she is completed.Eight dolls are going to be on display at a french coffee bar and B&B called La Maison. The owner is a wonderful artist and Tony and I often call in there if we are nearby.
The doll with the red dress had a very sad face so made her a new one,not sure she looks very happy now?

Friday, 15 July 2011

Lack of concentration was a good title.

As you could see I posted the same photo twice earlier,so here is the second card I made.

Lack of concentration

I have most finished a doll but realised I needed to quickly make a couple of fabric cards for two friends birthdays.I tried to use just things I already had and that was quite difficult because I couldn't somehow put colours together that I liked.So I only finished the cards. I shall try to sort out the doll tomorrow,but the day flew by and I enjoyed every moment.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Starting to sew again.

Its been months since I have been able to settle down and and actually do something in my workroom. I would go in and then start to tidy up or find a must read now book,anything but anything creative. But I bought a beautiful little journal from Suzy Quaife it was for sale on her Etsy site. I love it and she very kindly included some lovely lace and ribbon. It suddenly made me want to do something,I had already enrolled on the color drop flowers online course by Martha and thats where I started to make and do once more. I loved the class and now find myself doing some painting most days . Ineed much more practise. I have made two journal pages and the collage .
I stitched all the flowers and insects then painted the back with Golden Gel medium,when it was dry I cut out every thing . Once arranged I attached them to the background. I have my fingers crossed I will continue.