Sunday, 21 August 2011

Water colour painting

After taking martha levers Colour Drop Flower class I have found myself painting as often as I can. I learnt alot from the online class and found I was very very motivated. I have just enrolled for her painting poppies class. I am finding it very difficult to paint poppies but keep trying.I am posting a few of all the flowers I have done in the last month. I say few because for every one posted there are a pile of awful ones.
I 'm hoping when I feel confident I will start trying to paint containers for the flowers at the moment I kind of invent the stems. I hope too I can get to painting lots of other things but I realise there' s so much to learn.
When summer is over and there are no more lovely visitors to distract me I will be able to contiue with my textile work.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Newest cloth doll

Some time ago I made a cloth doll I loved but by mistake she was sold. I decided I would try and make another one that was to be similar. I discovered I had lost the leg pattern and the small body so I went ahead with the ones I could find.I wish I had taken time and remade the smaller limbs,but I am still quite pleased with her and will keep her.It is becoming very difficult to find old old materials,I have plenty of lace but now am going to have to use more of the modern fabrics I have a mountain of.I spent the day yesterday with a friend who is nearing the end of a city and guilds course. She showed me a few techiques to make making a quilt easier. I think I will now complete my rose quilt much more quickly.