Sunday, 24 March 2013

Paintings and a collage

I deleted the blog I wrote yesterday because I tried again with this very old computor and though painfully slow WORKS!!!
I painted this and loved the colours but then wondered what to do with it.I decided to try and copy the colours as best I could using fabric. Then I printed some music onto fabric,painted a flower and printed that,embroidered some butterflys and after coating the back with mat gel I cut them out. I have just begun to add some gold beads to one side after assembling it all.
                                                I have also had fun with these paintings

     This one came about because my lovely neighbour showed me a painting she had done of her soul. It was very interesting and she explained that you don't think at all and just paint a layer,then another and another. Which I did. Then when the paint was wet  I used a stiff dry brush and took some of the paint off. The next day and the next day I kept going and this was where I stopped.
What a relief this has worked far better than my other computor,now I can at least blog without all that frustration.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Drawing and painting

I am hoping I can download at least one or two of the paintings and drawings I have attempted while we had no electricity.The computer I am using is pretty old and I find the pictures so far are very poorly reproduced.BUT at least they are there. The painting is of my garden as I remember it last autumn.I used Golden Acrylics .They are wonderful to use even by my in experienced hand.It isn't quite as dark as shown here but not too bad.        
The faces look as if they are drawn on grey paper but it is white in reallity.  
                      I need to decide what to do about my computor,here in rural France   its quite a problem and of course very expensive when you find someone.I have two kind friends who have helped me in the past but I feel I don't want to keep being a pain.                                            

Friday, 15 March 2013

Just recovering from blizzards and no electricity.

I haven't been here for ages and ages because my computer has been playing up and still will not let me download photographs.Tomorrow I shall connect up my very old one and see if that works. I was quite busy until the snow which left us with out power for several days. The house was soooo cold,I went to bed with leggings and jumpers on. The most difficult were the evenings because by 8:00 it was too difficult to read  and the battery was running out on the radio.We are all electricity here,I hope we can get a new cooker that works with gas as well .I did put on lots of clothes and wished I had fingerless gloves and spent much of the days painting.It has made me think about the poor people who have suffered from really terrible things like earthquakes, forest fires ,homelessness because of war etc.
Hope to be back properly soon.