Sunday, 29 August 2010

Work in progress

When ever I have had the time I have dashed into my workroom and made the two, as yet unfinished collages without much thinking going on. I began by sewing the insects then made the flowers, tried several colour backgrounds. They are still not completly attatched and I see a leaf and a bead has almost dropped off!!
Now what to do next I don't know. Perhaps the backgrounds need more work, Its too late but maybe the flowers could have been more complicated. I shall be pleased with any suggestions.
To my amazment I just heard that nearly all my dolls have sold in first the exibition, I was sure none would. Interestingly I am told that the remaining two are the most complicated and have my favourite colour dresses, purple The house will seem empty without them all over the place. If Tony is much better next week I shall be able to go and collect the two that remain and some of the little bags,I also sold all the little fairy shoes and have been asked to make some more red ones.
It has been a welcome surprise , at this particular time.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The unexpected

Unexpectedly we found out yesterday that a family member had health problems. These mean life will be disrupted for a while. I probably won't write here for the next week. I have lots to do and hope I will find some time to finish quite a few projects I am in the middle of. The photo shows one I began yesterday,I have already decided to use a cream background not the green. I am going to makes lots and lots more flowers in different colours and also find some lace ones I can use. I have made several more butterflies and a dragonfly in other colours. I golden gelled the backs before I cut them out. It made them a little stiffer than I expected but I shall try and soften one to see if they become damaged. I began a needle case the other day but am in a complete muddle with it, I would like to get it sorted and possibly make some more so I can swap one or two.
Today I received a lovely e-mail from Wendy Frank a member of CDA. We swapped an Artists trading card, I have swapped several now and love doing it. Every one is so different and well thought out.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Bad days and good days

When I looked at yesterdays blog post was surprised to see how awful my journal page looked. It looks as if I just plonked the the things on it. I didn't, I first painted the background paper then stampted it with a large daisy from the garden. When it was dry I gave it a coat of golden gel before layering the piece of vintage lace to one side. I did spend some time choosing the things to add to it. I have writton the note to go in the pocket but will add some more something to the background as I see it does look a little sparse. If it looks betterI will post another photo.

The little brown Hen
The little brown hen was ill for sometime , just a few days ago we noticed that our other hen had become glued to her side. At night time the little hen didn't get up on the perch anymore and the black hen didn't either. She snuggled right up next to her on the floor. Then the day before she died we heard the most extraordinary sounds coming from the garden, it was the big hen and the sound was unbelievable. It went on and on and all the time she was crouched by the brown hen. When the time came to put them in their hut we wondered if the little hen would be alive the next day. She wasn't and at first we didn't realise because it was as if the big hen was shielding her body in some way. When we took her away we tried to coax Poppy out into the garden but she stayed silent and huddled in there for 2 days. She has come out today and has eaten, we are so relieved . It seemed to us she grieved for her friend, could that be possible for a hen?

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Lots of pink

Today turned into a pink day. I made a page for one of my journals,it has a pocket where I intend to put a note about the things I was thinking of when I selected the bits and pieces I used.
Usually I just choose what fits a space and am not aware of my thoughts, but today I tried to take note. It proved very interesting for me , each little item meant something. I wrote it down while I could remember and tomorrowI will write it out and pop the result in the pocket. I do love pockets.

I also took another look at the wonderful fabric figure of Christ I have had for ages. I have wondered what I could do with it, thought maybe I would just mount it on very beautiful cream silk? But I am not sure, I have lots of heavyily embroidered stars in different sizes i would like to use with it. I shall have to ponder some more.

Friday, 20 August 2010

A wonderful Book

A few days ago Tony brought home this wonderful book. I have been thinking about what I could do with the front cover illustration and any of the three portraits from the hundreds inside.I have photographed them to use because the book is dated 1884 and in excellent condition and it would be a crime to take it apart. Probably I shall use some of the pictures in one of the journals I am making, but how at the moment I don't know.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Too much to think about

This last week I have had so much to think about and lots to do. I finished more small things to add to the exibition in la Haye du Puits,I finished another friendship doll and sorted out a pile of wonderful coloured materials to begin a quilt.I went shopping with a friend and as she wanted to buy beads I too became seduced by all the wonderful colours ,shapes and sizes on the market stall. I thought I could make fabric beads and intersperse them with some wonderful glass beads. Where the time will come from I don't know.
I love this picture of some of my dolls that were sitting in a little antique childs bed in the hall way upstairs.I feel such a pang in my heart knowing some have already found new homes as they went into the exibition and have sold.
I am happy to part with friendship dolls especially if its a swap but the big cloth dolls become almost family.

Thursday, 12 August 2010


Since recieving a very pretty pair of fairy shoes from Judy at judy's fabrications and joy of joy a pattern from her, I have been busy making some.I made them all by hand after a try to put them together using my machine failed miserably. Judy's look more fairy like , I wanted mine too as well but as ever when I sew what happens, happens. I am not able to see the end when I begin with any thing I make I just start and things evolve. It means I end up with a basket of rejects, but sometimes years later I find a use for part of something in another project.
Today I received an ATC from Australia, made by Wendy Frank, it was a swap organised by Cloth Doll Artistry. She wrote that her ATC said alot about her as it contained many elements she loves to use in her work, which has made it even more interesting to receive. She does make wonderful dolls as well. Have posted mine to her, hope she like it.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Having fun making a friendship doll to swap

Am doing a swap with Judy from judy's fabrications, her blog is wonderful to see as she makes the most complex, richly collaged fabric, into all sorts of things. She asked me if I would like to swap a friendship doll, based on a pattern by Jill Maas.The basic shape is easy to make , I then applied all the surface decoration, I am going to try collaging some material and then use it to make the next doll and see how that works.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

A chicken in the kitchen and trying to work.

Yesterday became very complicated as one of the chickens found the way in to the kitchen through the cat flap. She has been ill for days and not eating so very thin, I cooked pasta for her and she did eat a bit and it must of done some good because she began to walk around. But now she has found the cats flap the kitchen is where she wants to be. The cats are nonplussed as she spends some time guarding the cat flap and squawks loudly if they try to come in or go out. All this means I have to keep coming down from my workroom to sort her out!!I don't want to shut the 3 cats out and I don't want to shut her in. Maybe today she will find it boring in there?
I made two more little purses and then began to play with my boxes of bits and pieces resulting in the 3 hearts. They were fun to make so might make a few more today if there is more trouble in the kitchen.