Monday, 27 February 2012

David Hockney and the Art of Seeing

I have just watched the most wonderful programme on the television I've seen for ages.He was talking about his exibition at the Royal Academy in London. For the first time ever for any artist he has been given the whole of the Royal Academy. He talked about living in the country side of England and how he goes out every day to the same place and looks and looks until he can see the colours around him. He has painted vast paintings,but each can be made up of smaller managable parts The colours he saw in the different seasons were stunning.How I hope I can see the exibition soon,it will give me a memory for a life time.
No Photos today as we have been without the internet for several days and it has been very grey and gloomy so I have concentrated on making a cloth doll. May be I can show you her tomorrow if I can finish her and there is better light.

Friday, 24 February 2012

New YogaClass, only was it yoga?

I was delighted to hear that there was to be a Yoga class held weekly in the school hall and it was to be at 6:00 in the evening not 8:30 as is often the time for evening classes here in France. I used to do loads of yoga befor I came to France but have tried classes befor and they were never as I expected. Once again I was surprised,The teacher was a lovely gentle man ,but we didn't do any stretching exercises, we sort of pinched and shook everywhere all the time, meant to be kneeling and sitting back between our legs. The class was an hour and three quarters long!!I couldn't sit like that for long and fidgeted a lot (I wasn't the only one)and when we finished I couldn't get up off the floor. The pain was dreadful and I felt very silly. The others all helped me and when I was home I rubbed in lots of gel and went to bed.The teacher was very concerned and called round the following day to see if I was ok. I was glad to tell him the pain was much improved. Next week I shall be very careful, but I understand it will something different,fingers crossed its not quite so demanding.

I have made several cards this week as I have several friends with occaisons to celebrate. Plus 4 dolls I want to finish befor

the next sewing group meets.Each one will be completly different so the women hopefull get some ideas for their own dolls.
The last meeting was disorganised and I want to be clearer with them. I love their company, and they are all very enthusiastic wanting to do so many things.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

This morning Tony got up very early as did Shirley and Mark from to go to a normally good brocante about an hour away. When they arrrived Tony said it was like a huge mad maze. Streets every where were blocked off and once inside he couldn't find a way out. AT one point he removed a barrier and drove through but just found more and moreroads blocked,finally he drove down a one way street the wrong way. He was gone for three hours and yet still came home with a yummy cake for me and not a single treasure for himself. He is a kind kind man.
Now I also had my own frustrations this morning I had received an invitation to accept an LEIBSTER award and could I do the requested things? No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
I shall be glad when I go to England soon and am buying a NEW computer,its the only answer or I shall become completly mad.

I want to make a crazy patch work cushion ,one with lots of bits and pieces added I had a careful look at one I made a few years ago to see how I did it. I also made the cushion to go with it, I need to stay up all night if I am ever to

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Meeting with the french ladies and another journal page

I wanted to get up early today as I had so much to do for todays meeting,instead we overslept. Tony has justgone to the post office and this is usually the time I dance. I can only really dance and dance when the house is empty. So I will quickly post my two photos . The flowers were part of a huge bunch Tony gave me on tuesday with a card he had made including a poem he had written for me, the other is a page for my latest journal
I like it because it a bit different from my others sort of pale and interesting!!!!!.
I will be back soon with news about how we got on this afternoon, I think there will be quite a number of people

And 2 more wishing to join us next time,its exciting but scary.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

If only time could be slowed down.

I have had lots of time this week but still haven't achieved a great deal. I have even suggested to Tony when he has to get up early  twice a week he makes sure I get up as well. I would then be up and about  by 7:30,could do the chores and then have much longer time for myself. So  that is what happened . Did I feel I had more time?no not at all. I decided its because of the intense cold,my brain has partly frozen and so slowed down!!
I tried to make some pretty cloth doll faces,I ended up with 3 that are just passable and 9 that are dreadful. I then turned to the mini quilt /wall hanging,sewed the patches together and had no idear what to do next. I am stll having trouble with my Brother machine I bought especially for free machining. I so still wish my old
Toyota could be fixed,I've had it since I was 22 years old and it never failed me until one day it gave up altogether.In the end I managed lots of flowers and will stitch on them and add beads.

Is it time I faced up to my age? when I hear people speak of the elderly I have never for one moment included myself. The mere thought of it started me wondering if I wear unsuitable clothes  and indeed wondered what do other people I know( who may be nearly my age)wear.When I went shopping today I found myself looking at peoples clothes and shoes,I knew I couldn't do like wise,I love definate colour combinations,mostly on the bright side. My favourite items are my tights and leggings, I have rust ,purple, mustard ,red ,shocking pink ,bright blue and green. Most of my clothes match  plus black.I suppose I shall just have to carry on as Iam.