Friday, 22 June 2012

Two more paintings finished and more to come

I have spent most afternoons this week in the village hall making the garlands and decorations for the Fete de Music tomorrow evening.The forcast is very uncertain so we have made masses of fabric bunting which won't get ruined by wet weather as well as lots of flower garlands.We also made some
12inch covered and then decorated hoops to hang inside in the hall windows. I asked each lady to cover their,s as they liked so our colour scheme has become quite wild. It was great to see how they all turned out so differently. I intend to take photos tomorrow when everything is up.

I have also been painting at home in spare moments, but it wasn't so good as spending proper time as I think I didn't think things out.Still I enjoyed the doing.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Spending hours and hours trying to paint.

I have become almost obsessed with painting after reading Flora Bowleys book Brave Intuitive Painting. I loved her work so set out to do as she suggested,under the title of the book she says
                                       let go,be bold.unfold.
Something I am not very good at,but I thought here goes. You need to use paper ,canvas or a            panel   as  large as possible. I had only a small space and nothing very large to use so I set to on the  
biggest water colour paper I had.You need several sheets at once,you cover the first one as you like then while its drying you move to the next one and so on. When you get back to the first you add more paint
you do this several times until you are satisfied. The idea is that you look at the background and see what it suggests to you.

They are in no way what I expected to happen,have 3 not yet finished  maybe the size of the paper resricted me? I certainly enjoyed myself and have 3 more to finish.I like the second one most of all
I think the other two are too controlled.The last one I might print onto fabric and see if I can sew into it.