Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The party in the Wood

The party in the wood was wonderful, I enjoyed getting ready, the party itself, and the following day clearing up. Good friends helped over the three days so the workload was made easier.The trees and tents were decorated with garlands of paper flowers and I decided to add fabric bows at the last minute. The musicians arrived at 7:30 and were quickly setup, they played until the early hours of the morning. The weather was perfect so we were warm right through. Everyone enjoyed meeting each other, ate and ate and danced and danced.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Its my birthday at the weekend and every year we have a party. This year, now the wood is clear, we are holding it over there . last week friends and I made lots of garlands for the trees and tomorrow friends are coming to help set everything up. My lovely Tony has bought me so many presents from all the flea markets we have been to this year that he decided I could have one every day of the week befor my birthday ,lts on my birthday and one a day the week after!!!!!
The first surprise was the beautiful water colour of the cherub which I love. The second day I had a battered but sweet little scrap book full of old scraps, each one had an endearing hand written title certainly written by a child.The third day was a gleaming sunflower brooch to add to my collection Today a new chair for the garden, this one probably because I have been unwell and needed something very comfortable so I could sit and rest in the garden. I can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring. I am being very spoilt !

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Lazy days

Have been feeling un well for a few days and can't seem to concentrate, mostly want to sleep. The sun is shining today and I am going to laze in the garden and maybe sew beads on a dolls skirt.
The garden is looking quite wild,very overgrown ,I like it like that especially seeing the huge blooms on the roses and the peony. They have never been so amazing before. Tony is busy over in the wood getting things ready for the party over there next saturday. He has made a small bridge opposite the house so that the entrance is nearer.With the help of friends I have made hundreds of paper rose garlands to put up in the trees and to decorate the tents,(one for the irish couple who will play for us and the other a food and drink tent in case it rains.) Hopefully I shall be back sewing next week ,When my head isn't involved in making some thing I don't feel right. I have made one or two ATC'S and made my first swap which is exciting.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Think blue lettering will be better especially when I change the top banner to a blue background?
I bought these little soaps this morning and love the designs on the boxes, will keep them ,I am sure I will find some way of using them. Tony found for me a wonderful mixed box of unopened packets of sequines, beads and tiny flowers to add to my collection. New bits and pieces are always a joy to have so thank you Tony.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Beginning a new doll

Now I have nearly sorted the look of this blog I am going to begin another doll. I have put together a few things in colours I feel like using,I have always loved dark purples and rich blues. I want to use the pretty lace as an over skirt and after re readinG my Barbara Willis book dug out some silk dupion as I was reminded that it makes a fuller skirt. I have just joined a group called Roses on my Table and hope when I can be sure my ATC'S are good enough I can do some swaps.Zinnia Galliher who started the site is soon to run a workshop on making ATC'S that I shall follow, I worry at the moment that because I like to use old jewellery and put on faces they are too thick to post easily, especially as they could go any where in the world.I am also finding edging difficult. Still with luck the more I make and the more I find out the better they will be!!!!!!!!!!!.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Trying hard

Still trying to get it right, some success but some failures but am starting to understand some things.
The photos show some of the bits and pieces I have collected over a long long time. I have many many brooches, neaklaces and earings, nearly all bought at Boot fairs or Flea markets. If they get broken then I can often use them on my dolls or collages. The silk flowers I love to have, sometimes I use one or two on a hat but other wise they may be in a bowl or just about.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Still can't get it right.

My kind friend Heather has been here this afternoon to help me sort out the borders and banners on this blog.We found it very difficult to delete the two side panels, in fact we couldn't. This meant we couldn't place new side panels, they seemed to appear behind the old ones but then we hit on changing the colour to white so at least for the moment it appears to be an empty space.We ran out of time so have left the top photo of the flowers though it has to made smaller and given a border.
Luckily Heather has masses of patience, I could never do it by myself . Thank goodness for lovely friends

Sneaky, sleepy cats

I have spent several hours trying out new ways to make this blog better. I got it completly wrong with the change I made the other day so I hope later to day to get it right.

We have three cats, all given to us because they were unwanted and in need of a home. They have changed our life which now seems to work around them, they are much loved . I have only one rule!!! I don't want the three of them in the bedrooms as we live in the countryside and they so quickly make my bedspreads or quilts grubby. I try to keep the doors shut but they seem to know each and any time a door is open and in they sneak. Take yesterday, it was extremly windy and they all hate wind,so when we realised we hadn't seen two of them for some time we called and called but no cats appeared. I went upstairs to put on a jacket and what did I find but two cats looking very comfortable on and in the bed!!!!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

I don't know what happened to my day!

I began my day early and having read my e-mails , seen Tony off to a Flea Market, posted some photos taken at my local market decided to try some doodles. I began on a small piece of card, quite liked the result then began to draw on a larger piece of card that happened to be on my worktable. I was feeling really pleased with myself when I had almost covered the card, stopped for a cup of tea, and when I started again found myself covering the drawing with my gold paint stick!!!! Next I glued on two of my favourite postcards, stitched some material flowers sorted out some other bits and pieces and about 3 hours later came to a holt and gazed with some surprise when I looked at the collage I had made. Perhaps it answered something in my subconscious, I can't think what and I'm not sure I even like it,its just a little too pretty pretty for me.I long not to make pretty pretty things but no matter how hard I try thats where I end up.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Time for myself

Our last lovely visiters have left and the house seemed quite empty at first, but was pleased to be able to spend some time in my workroom. We all went to a local market on wednesday and there were some wonderful treats in store. Firstly a bead stall like no other I have seen before, I wanted to spend spend spend but managed to control myself fairly well and came home with a joyous but small bag of goodies. Everything was grouped in colours so they made perfect photographs taken by Amanda our last visiter. We also marvelled at the stand selling row after row of stunning baskets it was difficult to resist buying one, but instead I went back and bought some pretty earings from the bead lady.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Comfort Dolls

I was very happy to hear today that the 4 little dolls I made for the Comfort Doll project had arrived safely and are about to be sent to a womens refuge. I will try to make some more soon as it is a good feeling to do something that may bring some comfort to women who badly need it. The photo is of the first two I made based loosely on a Jill Maas pattern.
Today was a better day than yesterday and I stuck to my list and finished the purple doll, the collage of my granddaughter and made two more ATC's

Monday, 7 June 2010

Trying to fit in too many things

Today has been a silly day for me. I have done a bit of this and a bit of that and nothing pleased me I want a special face for my purple doll ,made several and then couldn't choose from two.Probably I shall try again tomorrow. Then I thought Iwould make an ATC and spent some time making flowers in various sizes to use on one and only used one, on the other used some I had bought a long time ago.I know full well I should stick to one idea at a time but I don't and end up with so many nearly finished things and then my muddle gets greater and greater.Lastly I almost finished the little collage of my granddaughter. I'm going to make a list to follow tomorrow right now, then maybe if I stick to it I'll be in less of a muddle this time tomorrow.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Tony went off to a flea market early this morning while I stayed at home. He returned very pleased with himself holding a lamp that he had thought I would love and we could keep for ourselves.I do love it, but where was it to go? as I gently pointed out. We already have several lamps too many ,all kept because we love them so its going on his auction site to be sold. I think I will have to go with him tomorrow!!

Friday, 4 June 2010

Not much time to spend sewing

With so many summer visitors there hasn't been much time to spend sewing. Today everyone has gone shopping so I have an hour to myself. I finished this dolls hair, now I have to make her a purse , some shoes and bead all the flowers on the cream part of her skirt.I would like to make her a crown but need some sort of metal I can cut.

Thw weather is wonderful and the garden looks very inviting, I shall have to find something I can do outside( but not gardening)