Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Being Happy

I was so happy when I was given a long break from the chemo over the Christmas period.I filled every moment,I saw my family,even my first husband who happened to be staying with one of my daughters.Everything was a joy.I bought a new coat and a couple of tops.I have lost so much weight
I must frequently look like a poor bag lady,I find safty pins the most useful to keep things from falling off as a skirt did one day when we were out at a flea market.I could only step out of it and as luckily I was wearing black tights I shoved the skirt into my bag and walked to find Tony who then stood guard around a quiet corner and I put the skirt back on securely fixed I hoped with a safety pin.
In February I had another scan and inspite of all the chemo the cancer has spread.So I have begun a new course and whenever I feel reasonable spend time in my workroom. I have painted and painted,many awful messes but love doing it and sewn a few things, again the only reason I am proud of them is that I tried and will continue. So  the wonder is I feel happy most days,good friends call to see me,I talk with my children frequently, I can eat fairly well, and I have my workroom to play in.Then best of all I have Tony who cares for me so brilliantly.