Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Dolls clothes and fabric postcards

Yesterday made up my mind to get serious about making clothes for the two doll bodies I have made. I tried and tried but didn't come up with a thing that I liked so after a couple of hours made some more postcards . It was easy as I already had several little flat faces drawn. I altered one of the first two I made and feel she looks a lot better. I found the one with the little crown looked a bit sad or is she just thinking? I am going to do some thinking before I start on the clothes again, look at magazines or books perhaps.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

First try at fabric postcards

I haven't been able to concentrate much these last few weeks so the dolls are still waiting for some clothes, poor things. I'll have to get a move on before it gets colder!!
Instead yesterday I made the two postcards and loved doing it. I am waiting for some little metal crowns to come from Japan, if they are the right size will add one to the head with the purple hair.I am still practicing drawing some faces most days and a zentangle in the evenings .I notice my lines are slowly becoming less wobbly.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Making dolls

The week has flown by, I wanted to make a doll but though I made two complete bodies I haven't had the time to start to make their clothes etc . I knew I would have a few free hours today so decided to make a friendship doll. I made 2 . I found I was in a pink mode today and one of the dolls turned out just fine. The rounder one wasn't quite the shape I expected because ,too late , I realised the velvet I was using stretched when I put in the stuffing. However I'm a far from perfect shape so why not the doll? I shall save the other two until I have plenty of time. I like making these friendship dolls because they don't take much time and its always a good feeling when one is finished.

Tony is still pretty well confined to the house and found time was passing very slowly, he decided to put some of the amazing treasures he has here on his auction site. I managed to get hold of a couple of things from his stash for me to keep before they were to be listed.He has quite a pile of old documents, I felt he wouldn't notice if I pulled out a couple, and he has several pretty boxes, he often buys them for me and until last week there wasn't an inch of space for anything more in my workroom. Last week I went through every thing and surprised myself by throwing out 3 bags full of stuff I've had for years and years, hence the room for more things. I shall try to keep some of the space, it is so much nicer to work in there.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Judy's drawing class

Started Judy's face drawing project last week. I am loving every moment. I can see that my drawings have already improved. We are asked to do some zentangles this week, it is very relaxing, making me concentrate so much all the other worries can't be fitted in for a while.

I have been trying to make some needle cases, but don't much like the results so have decided I will spend some time back making a doll. I think making the dolls is the thing I enjoy most and with the added interest of the face drawing project I wonder what this next doll will be like.

I am also going to include the embroidery of the butterfly into another journal page (I hope) this week. I want to make an almost cream page.