Thursday, 29 December 2011

What Next?

Just a few more days and calm will be restored. We have had a busy time and two more things to enjoy. To night is Shirley's drinks party, I shall love going to her house because it is filled with wonderful things to look at. Some waiting to go on her ebay site, so only to enjoy for a few hours,but there are lots of other joys to see and nice people to meet.Then tomorrow we will have friends here for the evening.I'm hoping everyone isn't caroled out because one friend promises to bring her guitar so we can sing some. I,ve made mincepies,sausage rolls and cornish pasties so far.Thats not quite true I made a fruit cake but something went wrong and its very strange. I think I must have used the wrong flour. Still maybe it will heat up for future puddings! Friends are bringing other delights.
These are my last pictures of my decorations. Every year I buy one new special item to hang among the silk flowers that I have twisted round the light fitting, this year it 's a fairy sitting on a swing,but there are glass birds, pretty glass heart decorations and a crystal bell.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Another day and chocolate cakes

After a good nights sleep I woke up this morning feeling fine. I started the day reading some other peoples blogs. The first one was , she is a good friend and loves many of the things I also like. Today she mentioned me in her blog and its true to say I love making cakes especially chocolate ones which is difficult because both of us would like to loose some weight.
I did buy several bars of dark chocolate yesterday and am tempted to make two,one for Shirley and one for me later today.

After reading some blogs I went around the house and took pictures of some of our decorations.I added two of this years dolls to the three I made two years ago and will come out every Christmas. I popped two more of the new ones in a letter rack above this computer.

I have tried to upload a few more pictures but nothing is happening so I will star another blogand see what happenes.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

December 21st

This day, every year I always find myself feeling sad.Its a time of year when my thoughts turn to the 4 people that have meant such alot to me and are now long gone. So this afternoon I took myself to the village Chapel and lit four
candles in their memory and spent a few minutes remembering each of them.
The chapel is tiny and very pretty,built as a place for pilgrims to come to on a day in September every year. The village is decorated and a fair set up in the field opposite with food stalls,a beer tent and craft stalls.All day long we can hear hymn singing and sounds of the service held out of doors in the grounds of the Chapel for the hundreds of people who come from far and wide.
The pictures are of a few of my favourite places inside .Tomorrow I will be just fine.

Monday, 12 December 2011

An almost completed journal

I decided I would assemble the journal I have been working on for some time. I have finished all the fairies I needed to make and wanted a clear mind and space to think about what to do nextI had just one page to finish for the journa but every time I looked at the blank page my mind went blank too.
Now the journal is assembled maybe an idea will come into my head. I photo copied the watercolour I did a few weeks ago for the back page and tried machine stitching into it,but it didn't look very good so I copied it again and left it as it is.Wednesday is the final afternoon at the village hall and then I hope to have some thoughts on what I want to do next for myself.I have plenty of thoughts for the possable workshop but not just for me. I need to because other wise I might make cakes,something I love doing but sadly love eating far to much.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

More about decorating the village hall

As I walked past the village hall yesterday morning I noticed the lights were on and then saw lots of white stencils on the windows. Now I am not a fan of stencils but I suddenly realised the first party in the hall will be for the village children,and they would love to see lots pictures of a smiling Father Christmas, bells , reindeer and crackers.Without those it was maybe too adult for them.When the pine branches are up and decorated I will take the final photos.
I think I have four people so far that would like to continue after Christmas so am very pleased,I'm going to take in some crazy patch work, a few dolls similar to the ones I made for the Comfort Doll project,some fairly easy bags and a pile of sewing craft magazines.

I have been very busy all week working on my 3rd journal.I have seen several I love on peoples blogs and they are a wonderful way of keeping small pieces of work as well as having a use.

I just love the face on the last doll I have made,can't quite make out what she is thinking.