Wednesday, 26 September 2012

A few problems this week.

Tony was taken into hospital on Mondaynot sure when he will be home.Today is the firrst day I have felt calmer,Maybe I will spend some time in my workroom instead of pacing around the house.Everyone here has been very kind and he is in the best of hands as the hospital service
is wonderful.

I down loaded the free e-book on lettering techniques which was available from Cloth Paper Scissors on line.
It's very good.

Better go and feed the duck.I can hear him calling.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Clothdolls, journal cover and a wall hanging

I have been very busy this week and wonder if I should have taken time to think a little more.I looked at a doll I bought more than 2 years ago from a favourite doll maker called jennifer gould.Her dolls are always interesting to see over on her web site ,Etsy or Pinterest.I wish I had her imagination the one I am showing is a simple doll but she does many different dolls.I have bought a pattern from her and hope the sewing group will each interpret it there way and make a christmas doll for the village hall.I hope to have at least 12.
I decided to start my new journal using a spiral bound book.I made the cover first.I hope to use it to record some of the many things , places and people I have known in my life.
I apologise for these out of focus pictures,neither of my cameras work and I feel compelled to rush when I borrow Tony's. I seem to be always rushing yet there is no real need to. On sunday I suddenly started playing about with some pieces of fabric I had dyed,and found myself cutting them up into squares.I then used bits and pieces that were in reach and stitched them on to the squares. I did about 6 in a very short time and was so pleased with them made alot more the next day.I think I will make them into some sort of wall hanging.
lastly I finished the cloth doll and I rushed and put little thought into her,the result is not what I had in mind. I learnt a lesson this week I must do one thing at once and think about what ever it is more closely.
  I nearly forgot I have begun to make some comfort dolls  which will be sent off to the comfort doll project.They are very simple,6 inches tall  , and can be make in any way one likes.