Friday, 30 April 2010

Made myself choose one of the many heads I had made for this doll, none of them were quite right including this one but I don't want to spend any more time on her. I am in the middle of a large quilt made fom a variety of fabric all with roses on. The final border will have about 100 embroidered butterflies on it,I have only made about 6 so far!! I have 6 weeks to get it completed.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Another eventful day

This morning we rushed over to check the duck was safe as yesterday he had a narrow escape,a local cat was seen stalking him. We spent several hours finding odds and ends of wire fencing to make a three sided enclosure for him. One a cat or fox would find difficult to get through but giving the duck easy access to the water on one side.He will still be vunerable if he goes too far but at the moment he seems to want to stay where he is.

Visited our mayor who has just come out of hospital and was relieved to find him on the mend and his usual cheerful self.

Tony, aided by our lovely neighbour ,took the two black cats to the vet. Now we have to give Millie a pill twice a day, no easy task!!!

While I was trying to tidy the house I came across these two vases, I have never seen another pair, I think they could be from the 1950's

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Duck tale continued

We have looked up the duck and she is a he and is a Pintail. He is very stylish. We wish we knew how he came to be there and who and when was he tagged.

What should we do now ?

Tony managed to take a very clear photo of the duck this afternoon and to our surprise it shows that the duck is tagged and its wings are clipped. As it couldn't fly someone has left it there, its a worry because she is very vunerable to foxes or anything that would like her for a tasty meal. There are several nesting moorhens near her, may be they would make enough noise and fuss to scare away any intruders? She looks very sad and lonely.

A surprise visiter to the wood

Yesterday afternoon we noticed the birds over in the wood were making alot of noise,noise that we thought meant they were alarmed about something. We noticed a tiny amount of oats and crushed cornflakes near one of the seats and were puzzled. Then we saw a duck on the Lavoir the first we had ever seen there. We were delighted but then became concerned because we felt she was unable to fly. We put out some food near her and decided to leave her for the night and take a closer look in the morning. Have done just that, she is now happily ensconced ,almost completly hidden from sight in a dense part of the wood. Sadly we found one tiny broken egg near her,and there appears to be no drake. How did she arrive there ? and were the oats left by someone who left her there. Perhaps we will never find out. I hope she remains, I hope she is safe.

Monday, 26 April 2010

A day spent trying to be organised

Spent a long time this morning finishing these dolls. Then thought to post a picture ,this proved to be very difficult as the camera ( or maybe its me) played up. Hence the photograph makes them all look a little grim which isn't so. I shall wrap them up and sent them to the Comfort Doll project tomorrow. Deed done I shall concentrate on the doll I am working on for the Vintage Group in Cloth doll Artistry's Cinderella challenge. She will be the third one I have made, I know how I want her to look but it is extremly difficult to get one just right. Luckily I have until December to do it.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

A good day

We got up early this morning and went to our favourite Brocante near the sea. We were lucky and saw loads of things we wanted to buy, mostly, in my case ,things I wanted for me. Tony bought lots, he has spent the afternoon cleaning and polishing ready to list tomorrow. I managed to convince him I should keep, at least for a while ,the things I bought. I spent most of the afternoon lazing about in the sun but did manage to finish a couple of tiny dolls. These are called comfort dolls and are to be sent to a site that then sends them on to various womens refuges. They are sent with a label that expresses words of hope etc.They are to show that other women care.
I also gave thought to my workroom which is chaos at the moment and promised myself I would
sort it out soon!!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Nearly forgot to post this photo

A short drive into the countryside

As I at last began to feel better Tony suggested I might like to drive to a nearby village and take some photos as there were some pretty houses I might like to photograph. Imagne our surprise when we came across a house we knew had been lived in the last time we were there and it had completly collapsed. We could even see a glimse of a wardrope in the middle of the rubble.
We went on from there and as we drove caught site of a tiny building down a woodland path, irresistable! It was an old shrine , obviously maintained and used. There were also small shrines nailed to nearby trees. All this set in beautiful woodland.We realised though it was on the opposite side of the road it must belong to the Chateau we had driven past.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Have not been able to write here for several days as I have been unwell. I am off to hospital this afternoon to have some tests in case it is foodpoisoning. I am feeling very very tired but more positive now it will all be sorted

The sun is shining and I looked at my Quince tree and found the first open blossoms. When it is in full bloom it is a joy to see but for now I am putting on a photo of those first flowers.

Friday, 16 April 2010

I bought this dolls head recently, she is for a french Boudoir doll.I have never come across an unused one before and can see it would have to be for a pretty big doll. I can't quite think how the head would be fitted on. She is in good condition and must have been stored in someones cupboard for a long time, I think the dolls were popular in the 1930'3 maybe 40's.

Had a meal at friends last night, it was all wonderful but Marion made several exceptional desserts,and even though already stuffed from eating too much of the main course the 3 choices for pudding were so inviting it was impossible not to have one of each. I need to go for a long walk, only problem is its so cold and I can't bare it.
I photographed a view of the wood as it looks from the window and the small flower bed in front of the house because they look so pretty.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

We invited some french friends to have an english breakfast with us today. We had it at mid -day. Tony cooked it and as ever he included as many things as he could think of. We ate at lunch time so I suppose it was brunch. It was rather wonderful, all the more so because we don't often eat that kind of breakfast. Afterwards we walked in the wood for a while but it was very cold and windy so it was a short while. We decided we would visit a couple of the local Brocantes but to our amazment there suddenly appeared along our very small quiet country lane all sorts of enormous vehicles.Black tar was being sprayed all along the road and in front of the house, we were tarmacked in!!

Monday, 12 April 2010

An Interesting weekend

The weather was warm and sunny on Saturday so much was accomplished outside. Sunday was completly different as there was a freezing wind. We got up very early and arrived at a flea market just as the dawn was breaking. It was already a hive of activity with many of the stalls already set up. I always look for lace, vintage fabrics, silk flowers anything I might be able to use when I sew.
I had bought alot the previous weekend at a local fair selling anything that could be called antique or vintage( I think the terms were used quite losely) I knew there would be some items I would
love to buy as I had helped set up the day before. My expectations were exceeded, there was far more there than I had known about. I would have liked to buy most of it being a lover of such things but managed to restrain myself.
The photos show some of our recent buys, sadly much will be sold but I am determined to keep one of the wedding crowns many of the silk flowers and some of the faded floral fabric.

Friday, 9 April 2010

A better day

Managed to do some more to those unfinished things. Not finished yet but on the way.
The dolls are some of the ones I made last year and are the ones I like best. Feel I may let myself start another one when I get the other things finished

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Another unfinished work

New creations

I spend many hours every day in my workroom, its a place I love to be. Until recently I had made clothdolls for over a year. After my week in England I came back with so many ideas in my head I couldn't wait to get started. But now I am finding I have started this and then that but get so far and can't seem to find a way to finish something so start another. The photos show several of these unfinished things. I think I need to stop and make myself finish some of them

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Last week I visited one of my dearest friends,she and her husband have lived in the same house for about 30 years and have established an amazing garden. Brian is a wonderful artist and has exibited widely,I am fortunate to have several of his paintings. Jenny is a succesful ceramicist and her work has been much sort after.Again I have been lucky enough to have bought some excellent pieces.The photograph shows a corner of their beautiful garden with not only pots made by jenny but part of a huge collection she has gathered over many years.

Easter Weekend

All weekend found myself helping prepare items and setting out tables etc. for a Textile Fair to be held in a small nearby town. I had begun to feel just a bit resentful about the amount of time it was taking up until I saw many of the wonderful fabric and garments that were to be for sale. A sad story unfolded. Many years ago the marquis of a local chateau decided he wanted to forsake all he had and enter a monastry. He tried to give the chateau to the monks but they refused feeling that the upkeep of such a place was not something they wanted. Instead his divorced wife remained there and turned the Chateau into a sumptuous B&B. Sadly the marquis died recently, he had no children so a nephew inherited.The countess is to move to a smaller home and consequently has had a huge clearout. There were attics overflowing with discarded clothing, fabrics,hatpins ,gloves etc from several centuries past. Much was damp and badly damaged some in perfect condition.I bought some beautiful silk flowers ,two wedding tiras, hatpins and more,all a joy to me.