Sunday, 21 March 2010

Am off to the UK for a week and am busy trying to organise myself. What to wear seems the biggest problem,will it be warm or will it be cold? I will have some money just for me. I could buy clothes but we are going to an Antiques fair and I know there will be lots of joyous things there I would love to have. I will be searching for vintage material ribbons,lace,anything pretty I can use on my dolls or my other textile things.

Friday, 19 March 2010

I made these two dolls last year before I tried painting faces. I now love painting the faces but it is very difficult to get exactly the right expression. As a result I have boxes of heads that aren't quite right. I can't bare to cut them up, because they seem each to have a personality. Maybe I could make some sort of collage with them?

Two more dolls

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Its a Wet and grey start to the day so am going to spend the day in my workroom. I began to make flowers yesterday and was so pleased with them got carried away. Today I am going to make a bag using some of them, then I would like to make a crown covered in them. It would be just decorative I think or maybe I could make some brooches, Its a good feeling to have so many possibilities.
Yesterday I took these photos of our wood and some flowers in a tub in front of the house,my favourite colours. If anyone knows what the strang red fungus is called let me know

A technical hitch

Sat down today to download some more photographs but they refused to download, instead I went into the garden and passed several hours outside in the sun. Maybe by tomorrow I will have sorted
the problem.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

a wonderful present

My daughters sent me this lovely bouquet of flowers . I love the colours so am inspired to make a bag or a cushion center if I can find the right materials in my stash. I do have some fragile antique pieces of silk but not sure if they will be strong enough. Will have to try a tiny piece!

Monday, 15 March 2010

The beautiful blue sky and bright sunshine today have shaken off my winter blues. I suddenly remembered how much I like getting up early and going to vide-greniers or brocantes here in Normandy in the warmer months of the year. Then I thought I would go and wander through our wood,something I haven't done since last year. To my delight there were daffodils and acconites every where, I could see that the primroses are soon to be in flower and birds were beginning to build in the many nesting boxes we have put up. I looked for signs of the water voles building nests but none so far, I hope the recent heavy snow hasn't driven them away .I came back indoors looking forward instead of back.

Fairies and fripperies..............

A wonderful Spring day which lifted my spirits especially as I had just accepted a delivery of the most beautiful bouquet of flowers from England for Mothers Day.
This bag is one of my latest creations, I designed the silk velvet flowers then hand appliqued them to a dark blue woollen weave. Petite but still large enough to hold a purse and mobile phone whilst being perfectly vintage chic.