Friday, 31 August 2012

Doing something different.

I spent hours yesterday trying to find an idea for something I could start to make.I have already begun the dolls but wanted to start something I would look forward to doing when I finished the dolls.But I achieved nothing.I felt very frustrated so this morning I walked around the house and looked at all the many things we have bought recently. The house seemed quite overcrowded so I asked Tony to put some on ebay for me.He wasn't keen as he thought they were too girley so I photographed them with his camera(far far better than mine. He bought a Paris hat box that contained 4 1920/30's hats and a box for large feathers.I like them both and think they make part of a lovely display but where would can I put them.The answer is nowhere,I  need to make space.The same goes for the hats, I already have a large number on display in the bedroom.
The calendar I have had for a long time and thought I would use at least one of the pages on a piece of work but never have.Every page is very pretty but then I have a large boxful of of these things

I made two versions of the doll because I acidentally sold the first one. Luckily I had photographed her so I made this one to be identical.She is definately one of my favourites and I will keep her for always.Tomorrow I shall sort out some little boxes and tins I've had for ever and probably some lace.
I already feel less stuck than yesterday so all this is doing me some good.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Where did this duck come from?

For the last three years about this month a duck arrives in the wood right near the lavoir(the place where the village ladies used to wash their clothes).The first time it happened the duck was tagged and had had its wings clipped so we knew he had to have been left there ,plus there was a small pile of grain on the grass.He stayed for a several months  then disapeared,we missed him. Several months later another one was there,he was young just like the first one but not tagged,he went after several months and we were pretty sure he couldn't fly.Now another one has turned up!! he was very thin and quite a baby but looks a lot better now. We wish we knew how it happens,does someome leave them there and then catch them later on or is just chance,and perhaps they waddle along to us from somewhere, who knows?
I have been obsessed with making cards this week,using downloads I bought from etsy.It has made a change from dolls and the cards with faces on.I have also been painting lots of backgrounds and tried some sun printing as well.It has been a busy time but I have felt I actually am not doing anything that holds my interest properly.I wondered if I would stop for a while, blogging as well.I think I feel I am being very dull just now. I will see what tomorrow brings.
Though I just remembered the nice lady called the other day who had asked if I would make a doll for her grand daughter,she fell in love with one already made and took that one for herself and I am to make another for the grand daughter so I must do that.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

A new cloth doll and an amazing Brocante find

 I have nearly finished this doll but it took much longer than I expected.I was given the black hair and
wanted to use black for a change.It was nearly a disaster as it was very shiny and slippery and it just didn't want to go where I wanted it to go. It took me hours ,several attempts and even now I'm not sure about it. I am also waiting for some things to arrive in the post so I can completly finish her.
A friend of a friend is coming this week and would like me to make a doll for her new grandaughter,I explained they are't really suitable. She wants it to be something original and using certain things she will ask me to use and hopes it will be kept for ever to eventually be a memory of her grandmother.
I have made nearly 12 faces and hope one will be chosen and then when I have talked to the lady I can start the rest of the doll,I so hope I can make her very special.
This shell picture is one of the things Tony brought back from the Brocant this morning.Its made by
a sailor as a valentine in 1908 entirely of shells,some tiny and has several photos obviously of him,his wife or girlfriend,and probably his parents.His wifes name is  there at the bottom and she is called Alice H.
It must of taken such care and a very long time.Tony thinks it was possibly made in the Carribean.

Monday, 13 August 2012

A dilemma and a sad time.

While I was making these three little cards I was thinking about a friend who died suddenly last week
She had gone to England to see her family and very suddenly died. She loved living here in france so she has been brought back here  for her funeral.She was a courageous lady as she was handicapped by an arm she couldn't use and a leg that wasn't quite right and that affected her balance. She decided she would like to try the keepfit class I and 2 friends go to. The french ladies there were all very
encouraging and as ready as we were to watch out for her.Just last week she decided she would like to try the dance class as well!
Her funeral is this week and I have heard many of the other people who will be going discussing what black clothes they will wear. Two of my closest friends died a few years ago and I was heartbroken .At both funerals we nearly all wore bright colours knowing that they were both people who would have liked that,For me it meant more of  a celebration of their lives ,and many friends spoke of the fun times we had all enjoyed with them.Most people here will wear black and I feel will think I show a lack of respect if I don't.So what will I do?I think I will compromise and dress up somber colours with something bright. I just noticed all the faces on these cards look a little sad,I wonder if that was an unconscious decision?

Friday, 10 August 2012

These may look like brooches but they are not.

I have spent lots of time in my workroom this week but couldn't settle on anything.I made the whatever they are in between wishing I could come up with an idea for something interesting to begin
working on.I kept starting things then not liking them ,pausing for endless cups of coffee and flicking through books.Nothing helped. So by today I had 5 of the whatever they are. I think I will cover a football size ball with them and then hang it as a decoration!!! I think I will need about 20 to cover the ball.

     It will  soon be time for the sewing group to start again and I have one plan ready.I was amazingly lucky last sunday and found at a flea market about 5 metres of red raw silk material,3 of cream and 1 metre blue shot through with green.I am going to give everyone some of the red and ask them to  make a doll about 15 inches tall to add to the Christmas decorations for the village hall.They will be able to do it at home and have plenty of time. For the meetings they have asked for help to make fabric journals so I should start to make some preparations for them.      
PP S all the whatevers are the same size just the red one looks huge in the photo.                                                      

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Winners of my Giveaway!

The winner of the doll is Robins in the Trundle Bed ,a fabric card goes to Emma at A little bit of Everything and another card goes to Joanna at bird on her head.I will send you my e-mail address
via a comment on your blog and ask for your address so I can post them all off to you.Hope you like them.

Sunday, 5 August 2012


I did write the 7th of August on my first blog but some how wrote 7th July on the second one.
Tony was away and he often  scans the things I write to spot my worst mistakes.
We have been to a Brocante this morning and I bought lots of old lace and masses of raw silk material
so I came home happy.I won't post any photos today I need ed just to point out my mistake with the date.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Cloth doll giveaway plus 2 fabric cards

Thank you everyone who has responded to my giveaway,I have included those of you who found blogger wouldn't let you write a comment and sent an e-mail..I am having the same trouble lately when I want to comment on a few blogs.I am so happy with the number of entries I have added two fabric cards for the second and 3rd people whose numbers are drawn. I have decided I will ask the village mayor to draw the three numbers,hopefully Tony will take a photo for me.It will still be july 7th.                                                                     
I had meant to show the second card but can't seem to find it,will when I can.
I have been working on this new quilt this week,the colours are not quite right in the photo.I've used mainly silks and lots of gold threads amongst many  others.I've got a long way to go ,especially as I did this morning ! I somehow sewed two squares on top of each other then when I began to unpick them, cut a hole through both of them.I did say a few bad words under my breath.