Friday, 2 August 2013

I made a sun print!

I knew it was going to be extremly hot just for yesterday.I have wanted to make some some prints all
summer but apart from that I am supposed to keep out of the sun haven't had the energy to do anything much.So I covered myself rather like a bee keeper grabbed the things  I had put ready to use
and hurried up the garden,I had enough to make 2.Sadly dispite much searching I had lost Cas Holmes lovely book and couldn't quite remember what I had to do so I did each differently.Only one worked ,not brilliant but I did it!!
My hair is now beginning to fall out,I have been trying ways with scarves but I feel very self conscious so gave myself a talking too I either have a wig or its got to be scarves.The nurse that came explained that i should wash my hair in the shower with luke warm water and not rub it at all and best to avoid shampoo.You then pat it to dry out the excess and leave to dry in the air.The result is that not much hair fell out but my hair looked like it still need a wash Tony has just brought me a bottle of baby shampoo I will have a go sort of patting it into my head ,at worst it will just speed up the fall out.