Sunday, 2 October 2011

Trying hard.

For months now life seems to take place as if I am caught up in a thin fog and am constantly trying to clear it away so I can see and think properly. I start this and I start that. I have been working on a quilt and yesterday decided I could put it all together. But when I laid all the pieces out it looked all wrong. I tried many variations but then found I had two quilts in the making. Trouble is I promised myself I would use the fabric I have . I have enough of the red to finish the darker quilt but would like green for the crazy one and I haven't any. I do have a sheet and some green dye ,I might try that.
Then there is the water colour painting,if I try and paint in the garden the wind seems to arrive or it gets too hot,the flowers loose their petals befor my eyes,so I have taken lots of photos and am going to try painting from them.
I have been asked to decorate the school hall for the village childrens Christmas pary. Its enormous so I explained to the Maire I would need help making the things .I had to attend a village council meeting and he said to everyone I would make a wonderful fantasy. Mmmmm! Its the time and organisation that scares me right now.
The garden needs attention its so overgrown, thats to happen next week I hope.
Plus we are going to England soon for a few days. We have recently come back from Provance where we had a glorious time and will write about that next time .