Thursday, 22 March 2012

A walk in our wood

Yesterday as the sun was shining I went over into the wood to see what flowers were out. It all looked so pretty I took the photograph I have used as the header at the top of this blog.We bought the wood just a few years ago and it was in an awful state as it had been used as a rubbish dump by local people for years and years. I was hard work to clear it,not only getting rid of rusting cars ,tractors and just about everything else you could think of but the trees were so overgrown and of course masses of brambles. It is tiny, just over one acre, and at the far end was a very delapadated . It had been used for a long time as a cow shed. Tony restored it and it is now a large ,light studio.\it has no water or electricity
so we use it mostly in the spring and summer months
Tony built a small bridge opposite the house and another at the far side so the cats can cross over into the fields behind .I forgot to say it is almost an island as there is water all round the edges where we have kingfishers , moorhens, tiny fish,frogs and newts.At night time there are bats and owls.
We have a party every summer over there and I am busy making some more bunting for this summer


  1. What a cool little retreat and I totally love your blog header!

  2. What a beautiful spot to live Jill! Can you imagine how great it would be for the cats to tippy toe across their own bridge to wonderland where they live. And to maybe run across when there are owls hooting? Your studio spot is divine. It sure shows that hard work gives you something for your labour. I loved this post. *smiles* Norma

  3. Jill it looks like a magical place. That tree looks as though fairies would like there.

  4. Wow, this looks like such a romantic place!


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