Sunday, 22 August 2010

Bad days and good days

When I looked at yesterdays blog post was surprised to see how awful my journal page looked. It looks as if I just plonked the the things on it. I didn't, I first painted the background paper then stampted it with a large daisy from the garden. When it was dry I gave it a coat of golden gel before layering the piece of vintage lace to one side. I did spend some time choosing the things to add to it. I have writton the note to go in the pocket but will add some more something to the background as I see it does look a little sparse. If it looks betterI will post another photo.

The little brown Hen
The little brown hen was ill for sometime , just a few days ago we noticed that our other hen had become glued to her side. At night time the little hen didn't get up on the perch anymore and the black hen didn't either. She snuggled right up next to her on the floor. Then the day before she died we heard the most extraordinary sounds coming from the garden, it was the big hen and the sound was unbelievable. It went on and on and all the time she was crouched by the brown hen. When the time came to put them in their hut we wondered if the little hen would be alive the next day. She wasn't and at first we didn't realise because it was as if the big hen was shielding her body in some way. When we took her away we tried to coax Poppy out into the garden but she stayed silent and huddled in there for 2 days. She has come out today and has eaten, we are so relieved . It seemed to us she grieved for her friend, could that be possible for a hen?


  1. Oh Jill, It sounds as if she was, bless her. I'm sorry you lost one of your hens, I am envious of you, I have always wanted somewhere I could have chickens roaming about. I hope Poppy is ok now.x

  2. Hello Jill
    People say that animals can't feel and don't have emotions - well what has been displayed here is totally contrary to the truth. How amazing she stayed next to her like that. We have chooks about 15 and I think you see that sort of behaviour when there are far less because the pecking order is far less also.
    It is sad to see them go - believe me I have seen it a lot - I have even nursed them in my kitchen - they are special to us too!
    x Suzy


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