Sunday, 4 September 2011

Understanding more about painting watercolours

After following martha's poppy class and learning such alot I still knew there was masses more to learn. I decided to copy a print I have had for a long long time in the hope I might learn more. I certainly did. Most importantly I learnt I must mix up enough of the main colour to see me to the end. As you can see I didn't, then I realised I must let parts dry before painting in something right next to it. Now I know I need to get something (I don'tknow what its called) to paint on where I want white to stay,and that I can't paint over where I've already painted because the colours mix so.
I was sorry I messed up one of the middle flowers petals, but overall it was well worth doing. I am going to try the same approach to leaves next,then will try again to paint real flowers from the garden.


  1. looks perfect to these flowers :)

  2. Really beautiful watecolour! It is so delicate and gentle. In my opinion magnolias are one of the most charming flowers:)

  3. Your flowers are coming along great! You need a "masking fluid" to keep the areas white. If you go to an artstore like Michaels it is right there in the watercolors section. There are many different brands but it's a masking fluid you are looking for. It's hard to copy a painting isn't it! I took a class in college where we had to copy master works and boy do you really learn alot! Then when you go back to painting "on your own" it seems much easier. Fun, fun.

  4. Your picture looks wonderful to me:)

    I love your new background. Very nice.

  5. oh! your flowers are marvelous! so colorful and translucent!

    thank you for your nice words over at my place. i appreciate them... : )


  6. Dear Gill
    I am no expert with a paint brush but that is such a gorgeous piece of art.
    Hope all is going well for you,
    Hugs from Suzy.


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