Monday, 15 March 2010

The beautiful blue sky and bright sunshine today have shaken off my winter blues. I suddenly remembered how much I like getting up early and going to vide-greniers or brocantes here in Normandy in the warmer months of the year. Then I thought I would go and wander through our wood,something I haven't done since last year. To my delight there were daffodils and acconites every where, I could see that the primroses are soon to be in flower and birds were beginning to build in the many nesting boxes we have put up. I looked for signs of the water voles building nests but none so far, I hope the recent heavy snow hasn't driven them away .I came back indoors looking forward instead of back.


  1. You did it!!!!!! Well done!!

  2. What a beautiful doll, did you make it???? The bag is lovely too.!!!!!!!!!


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