Saturday, 11 February 2012

If only time could be slowed down.

I have had lots of time this week but still haven't achieved a great deal. I have even suggested to Tony when he has to get up early  twice a week he makes sure I get up as well. I would then be up and about  by 7:30,could do the chores and then have much longer time for myself. So  that is what happened . Did I feel I had more time?no not at all. I decided its because of the intense cold,my brain has partly frozen and so slowed down!!
I tried to make some pretty cloth doll faces,I ended up with 3 that are just passable and 9 that are dreadful. I then turned to the mini quilt /wall hanging,sewed the patches together and had no idear what to do next. I am stll having trouble with my Brother machine I bought especially for free machining. I so still wish my old
Toyota could be fixed,I've had it since I was 22 years old and it never failed me until one day it gave up altogether.In the end I managed lots of flowers and will stitch on them and add beads.

Is it time I faced up to my age? when I hear people speak of the elderly I have never for one moment included myself. The mere thought of it started me wondering if I wear unsuitable clothes  and indeed wondered what do other people I know( who may be nearly my age)wear.When I went shopping today I found myself looking at peoples clothes and shoes,I knew I couldn't do like wise,I love definate colour combinations,mostly on the bright side. My favourite items are my tights and leggings, I have rust ,purple, mustard ,red ,shocking pink ,bright blue and green. Most of my clothes match  plus black.I suppose I shall just have to carry on as Iam.


  1. First of all we ALL want time to slow down so if you figure that one out let us know :) Next I so love the faces you made! They are so beautiful and full of character and I can't wait to see the finished dolls.

    As far as the clothes, I smiled a big smile because my favorites are tights and leggings too! I love to wear them, they are so comfortable and I think they look good. I see others wearing them and they start at around my age, 48 and older. You would fit in great in Pensacola! The main thing... and you should know this by now (my finger is wagging at you, lol) be yourself :)

    1. I can't post a new one!!!

      So I've done it here instead...

      Time is MY grizzle at the minute too! or should I say lack of it....

      ...but I've found enough to send you a Leibster blog thingy....

      Hope you don't mind

      x love from Wales


  2. look beautiful just as you are

  3. oh jill, it's winter. gently .. take care of yourself and BE yourself

  4. Be you! Don t fit into someone else's mold of what to wear.
    I hear all the time , you don t act your age.
    I m just being me, can t be anyone else

    I love the dolls you shared, so beautiful

  5. You just be yourself - and don't worry. I heard some very good advice -'don't forget to have Winter'. We need to rest and hibernate a bit. Spring and warmth will get here. Cuddle up and stay in bed a bit longer for now! xxx

  6. These faces are so beautiful!!!
    Thank you for visiting me and your kind comment.

  7. Your dolls faces are lovely, and I think you should wear what you want. I've felt the same creatively since Christmas and haven't felt like doing much! Thanks for visiting me :)

  8. Jill just wear what you like most. Doesn't matter if it does not fall into the mould.
    Your doll faces are as sweet looking as always.

  9. Yes, do carry on as you are with your defiant color combinations! I am still smiling as we are most definitely kindred Spirits and so your Post made me laugh out loud at the similarities in habits and thinking! *Smiles* Quite often my G-Kids and their Friends tell me that I don't look or seem like someone's Gramma and I take that as a sincere compliment coming from their generation. Better to be looked over than overlooked is my Mantra! *Winks* I'm an old Hippie and full out Bohemian Soul to the core... and when I look in the mirror I don't really see a Senior Citizen even though I certainly will take the Discount at the Thrifts that I have earned reaching this Season of Life! *LOL* Old age is a privilege not afforded to many! I am so glad you came for a visit so that I could also discover your beautiful Blog.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  10. I think your doll faces are wonderful...look forward to seeing them complete with their brightly colored clothes and possibly some striped leggings....just like their mama. Continue being true to yourself

  11. hahah...I do have to laugh at your 22 year old Toyota....I had one for that long too! A Celica. When I sold it..yes I still got $350 for it.... and I could see the road going by under my gas and brake pedals....that's how bad some parts of it were. still ran great .... never failed to start even in our cold Calgary winters.... it was a great little car. I'd never hesitate to recommend a Toyota to anyone...

    yeh.... sometimes it's tough to see how old we've become...I hate it. I never do the right thing or dress the right way either....oh, well.... too bad for anyone that doesn't like it.... just look away people!


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