Sunday, 15 July 2012

My favourite possessions.

I've passed an enjoyable hour this morning looking at some of the blogs showing peoples workrooms.
So many were wonderful,full of beautiful things all arranged to see and want to touch. My workroom gets in an awful mess,and I need many more shelves  and long for a second table so I could have my paints etc on one and sew on another.Then because I couldn't share my workroom thought I could share some of my favourite things around the house.They came mostly  from French flea markets and the house overflows with irresistible bargains collected over many years.I know the photographs aren't very good  and one day I will buy myself a new and better camera.
The mirror is venetian and is from the Wiliam and mary period.I love the crown on the mirror and the blue glass

    We foung the grey and gold piece in bits  in a box at a flea market and bought it hoping it was something special. We both love it even without some of  the bits.
The second one is a very old piece of a stained glass window that most certainly came from a church somewhere.I like the expression of the man with the pot of money
Tony collects antique pieces of carved wood,bits that probably were once parts of somethings very beautiful. The carved panel behind the mortar is mid 15th century an must have come off an important piece of furniture.
   I have many things with angels and cherubs on them and wish I could find more blue glass a huge favourite of mine    
   I was given this little pastel for my birthday two years ago,the muted colours and the simplicity are    why I was drawn to it .I am making bread in between writing this  and think I better go and see  if it has finished cooking.


  1. Dear Gill
    Some beautiful collectables here and love your little pastel picture - so simply beautiful!

  2. Your collections are lovely! I bet your home is one of those homes that is so fun to look around in. I too have been looking at all the blogs showing the work areas. The ones I saw were always so clean and pretty! I was going to tell you all about mine but I think I will do a blog post instead, lol. Yummm, that bread smells good : )

  3. I'd love to explore more of those lovely collectables.

  4. I don't understand how people create in beautiful and organized work spaces..I am so SERIOUS cause I am such a pig in my space and I love it :)

  5. You have collected such beautiful things over the years. I am so glad I came by to see them. You have a lovely blog.

  6. I enjoyed your flea market finds and couldn't help notice the lovely chair reflected in the mirror. Some of my favorite things come from flea markets.

  7. Your treasures are beautiful Jill. I especially love he stained glass window, the blue glass and the pastel. Thank you for sharing your treasures with us.


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