Thursday, 11 July 2013

Being miserable.

When I came home from hospital last week I felt really sorry for myself.I hurt in so many places ,when I looked in a mirror I saw this ghostly person with horrible dull hair,my face looks a sort of grey yellow colour.As the days have passed and the pain lessened I began to feel better.My daughter sent me a wonderful  sort of cap,its very pretty and made for hair loss.I read so many of your kind comments.One friend came several times and always manages to make me laugh.We have swapped some clothes,hers are too small for her and mine too large for me.Shortly the nurse will arrive to take out the stitches and give me my daily jab.My legs have quite a jolly purple polka dot pattern,I almost wished I had pre drawn a pattern to be followed,but then the first ones will soon begin to fade away,
Am having my hair thinned out and much shorter at the weekend.
I'm told I shall feel even more tired than now,I am sure you get used to it and can get on and do some good things.


  1. Oh sweetie. Hang in there. People in blogland are pulling for you. xoxo

  2. if I could take some of your pain to relieve you, but I can only send you positive t'embrasse tres fort Jill

  3. Your bravery has made me reassess my response to a difficult situation I find myself in. It pales into insignificance when I read of your health challenge. Thinking of you from New Zealand, where we would say to you Kia Kaha (Be strong). Love and prayers...

  4. Good Morning Jill,
    It's so good to hear from you. You know, I went to your blog today right before you sent a comment on our post. I had to come back because I was right in the middle of something, and wanted to take time to read all about your life at the moment. You are going through so much right now, dear! I'm so sorry to hear this. I'm glad you got to see your daughter, and how wonderful that she put up lights in your room. I always tried to cheer up my mom's room too.

    I am thinking about you.... may God be with you during this difficult time. The rat story was interesting. I don't like them myself, as I am terribly afraid of them. I will check back with you later to hear of your progress.

    Love you,

  5. Jill hang in there and any time you need to unload we are here to give you a shoulder. I don't have the faintest of ideas as to how tired you might become but I hope even if you can't create at least you can keep working on those lovely creations of yours in your mind and get to them when you are able to. I do that when I am out of sorts or feeling low and it helps somehow.

  6. I've jut been catching up here & am glad to see you are having positive things done to make you better. What a lot you have been thru! Keep strong but also, give yourself time.

  7. come on girly, chin up, I know its rotten, but all things pass, your gonna be a surviver not a victim, welcome to the survivors club,,,tina


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