Friday, 18 March 2011

A busy week

This week, probably because the sun has shone sometimes and shown up quite a few cobwebs to say the least, I have cleaned and cleared lots of cupboards. The amount I managed to let go of was amazing,I felt pleased with myself for being so determined. The other bonus came when I went through many of the boxes etc in my workroom. I found an unbelievable amount of useful or pretty things I hadn't seen for years!!
Its as if I have had a huge shopping spree.
So all I have made this week are two fabric cards. When I look out of the windows I can see yellow and green every where, it seems as if all the spring flowers have come at once so I chose those colours for the cards.One I have already given away but I shall keep the one posted. Perhaps next winter it will remind me spring does eventually come.


  1. She is beautiful and the recipient of the other one is very lucky! I always feel energized when I see all my clean spaces, enjoy!

  2. I love your faces they are very french in my mind and I agree with your choice of colour
    keep well x

  3. Very cathartic, spring cleaning, so there is hope afterall ;)

  4. She's a lovely piece, so fresh and spring like. Isn't it great coming across things you've forgotten you've got, lots of treasures squirreled away :)

  5. Gorgeous card! the fabrics you've used are just beautiful and so are your art dolls! come visit my blog, if you have time. I'm having my first give away :)


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