Monday, 22 July 2013

My first chemo session.

I had my first chemo session exactly a week ago. I knew little about what would happen and here the medical service don't say much.I arrived at the hospital at nine and was soon in a single room being attached to a thing with drips and a couple of some sort of moniters one of which was reluctant to work but eventually the nurse said a cheerful bien and left..I had heard it would be about a 2to3 hour session.I was quite comfortable on a bed and had a good book to read.After an hour or so pain began and as time passed it got to be very unpleasent.I told myself this is how it is,but when dinner came round I refused it saying I had this pain.During those hours no one looked in on me at all.
I should have rung the bell,but stupidly thought that must be the way it was especially since no one had come in.The long and the short was that when the nurse did look at me she said  Mon Dieu!!!
The consultant came and sent for ice packs because my breast was swollen and my shoulder and arm
by then,What followed was pretty unpleasent but more was to come.I was then hooked up to more stuff which I think was to wash out all the other .After 2-3 hours a nurse came in and hooked me up to more stuff until 6:00 when Tony came to collect me.9 hours,I still can't believe it.I'm told I was quite high when we left and the next day so I suspect it was because of something I was given, The hell set in wednesday afternoon and night.Lovely nurses have come daily and I did manage  to ask if they had any idea what happened.I am seeing my doctor on wednesday so hope to find out more because my biggest problem is the next session.I am feeling pleased with myself because I have managed to stay up for most of the day and am eating again and showered and read for a while.I am tired now ,wish it was cooler,sleep is difficult when it is so hot.Thank you again for your support,it is something I have needed but am still trying to be positive.


  1. Oh the medical staff make me mad when I hear this story Jill. It sounds like they fixed the immediate problem, but they should have checked in with you to monitor you on a regular basis. I hope you demand an answer about what happened from your doctor (it is your right to know.) Sending healing love to you! Norma, x

  2. Oh you poor thing Gill!!

    Hopefully the remaining sessions will be a lot easier to get through.

    sending hugs and healing thoughts...

    x Chris

  3. Oh Jill, that's awful. I hope the doctor can sort things out for next time. I am thinking of you and sending you a huge hug and much love.Jules xxx

  4. Oh how unpleasant for you Jill. You were not to know and they should have checked on you as it was your first session. Looks like the medical system has its failures elsewhere as well.
    You take care of yourself and take things easy.

  5. Oh Jill, I'm so sorry you are going through all of this. May God be with you during this time and wrap around you like a warm blanket.



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