Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Dolls clothes and fabric postcards

Yesterday made up my mind to get serious about making clothes for the two doll bodies I have made. I tried and tried but didn't come up with a thing that I liked so after a couple of hours made some more postcards . It was easy as I already had several little flat faces drawn. I altered one of the first two I made and feel she looks a lot better. I found the one with the little crown looked a bit sad or is she just thinking? I am going to do some thinking before I start on the clothes again, look at magazines or books perhaps.


  1. Sometimes you just get days like that, no rhyme no reason. But at least you just let your creativity flow and came up with these wonderful postcards. My favourite is the one with heart earrings and the row of roses. I also think the lady with the crown looks alittle sad

  2. Beautiful...as always!! I adore the first one but then I have a weakness for anything with butterflies. The costuming will come to you. When my muse is being difficult I pull out several different fabrics and just start putting them together....one or two will always jump out at me. I think the pretty one with the crown is just being dainty and princess like!!


  3. Tres Belle! Great job on your postcards!

  4. hello,is delightful to walk around here.desire a weekend litlit my you'l.hugs


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