Sunday, 5 September 2010

Judy's drawing class

Started Judy's face drawing project last week. I am loving every moment. I can see that my drawings have already improved. We are asked to do some zentangles this week, it is very relaxing, making me concentrate so much all the other worries can't be fitted in for a while.

I have been trying to make some needle cases, but don't much like the results so have decided I will spend some time back making a doll. I think making the dolls is the thing I enjoy most and with the added interest of the face drawing project I wonder what this next doll will be like.

I am also going to include the embroidery of the butterfly into another journal page (I hope) this week. I want to make an almost cream page.


  1. Lovely, I am glad you are enjoying the project so much. Look forward to seeing your new doll. x

  2. Love your dragonfly! I think your little fabric collages are turning out lovely... can't wait to see your next doll :)


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