Saturday, 16 July 2011

A new doll finished and another altered

I am going to England tomorrow for a few days and wanted to finish this doll before I left. After the muddle I kept getting into yesterday I had my doubts I would but today went smoothly and she is completed.Eight dolls are going to be on display at a french coffee bar and B&B called La Maison. The owner is a wonderful artist and Tony and I often call in there if we are nearby.
The doll with the red dress had a very sad face so made her a new one,not sure she looks very happy now?


  1. They are both wonderful and the doll in the red dress looks as if she is in careful thought, maybe thinking of her lover?

  2. I love your dolls. They have such pretty faces.

  3. They are so beautiful, i love there red hair.

  4. The doll in the purple dress would have been my favourite as a child, perhaps because I grew up in the sixties, lol. Your dolls are delightful, hope your exhibition went well. Apologies I've not been visiting much lately, unfortunately life just seems to get in the way, hopefully I have a better work/art balance again and hope to pop by regularly! x


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