Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Where did this duck come from?

For the last three years about this month a duck arrives in the wood right near the lavoir(the place where the village ladies used to wash their clothes).The first time it happened the duck was tagged and had had its wings clipped so we knew he had to have been left there ,plus there was a small pile of grain on the grass.He stayed for a several months  then disapeared,we missed him. Several months later another one was there,he was young just like the first one but not tagged,he went after several months and we were pretty sure he couldn't fly.Now another one has turned up!! he was very thin and quite a baby but looks a lot better now. We wish we knew how it happens,does someome leave them there and then catch them later on or is just chance,and perhaps they waddle along to us from somewhere, who knows?
I have been obsessed with making cards this week,using downloads I bought from etsy.It has made a change from dolls and the cards with faces on.I have also been painting lots of backgrounds and tried some sun printing as well.It has been a busy time but I have felt I actually am not doing anything that holds my interest properly.I wondered if I would stop for a while, blogging as well.I think I feel I am being very dull just now. I will see what tomorrow brings.
Though I just remembered the nice lady called the other day who had asked if I would make a doll for her grand daughter,she fell in love with one already made and took that one for herself and I am to make another for the grand daughter so I must do that.


  1. Beautiful card! Thanks a lot for your nice comment in my blog :-) you're very kind. Regards!

  2. Love your cards and you are not boring with your blog. I think we all go through a period when we don't have much to say and usually it is because of other more important things in our lives that takes priority. So please don't stop blogging about your beautiful creations. But of course if you feel you want to take a break from it for a little while do so. We will be still here until you are back again .
    How lovely that your friend fell in love with one of your dolls. Isn't it a nice feeling that people love your work

  3. Oh, please don't close your blog, you have such a lovely one. I know what you mean, sometimes I run out of things to post about, but when that happens I am fortunate to have the girls step in and do a post. I really admire women who write the posts themselves. This duck is precious, and I think I would go to the pond often and see him.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  4. What a darling duck. I love your pics and what a treat that they come like they do and a mystery too.
    Please don't close your blog. It is just lovely and maybe you just need a little break to recharge. I find that really helps me when I run out of things to share.
    Your card creations are beautiful. You have so much talent to share. You could never be boring.

    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. To my dismay, I was reading it on my phone away from home and when I went to publish your comment, my finger slipped on the wrong button and it deleted. But I know you visited and thank you so much.
    Have a wonderful evening.
    XO Celestina Marie

  5. Your blog is lovely. Sometimes it just take time. You are so talented! The little duck is darling. It's wonderful a friend is purchasing another one of your dolls for her Granddaughter.
    Hugs, Linda

  6. We all get bloggers block but I just come to your house for coffee and always come away inspired!!
    What have you called the new duck....lovely colours!!


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