Saturday, 26 January 2013

Trying something I haven't done for a long time

When I was painting recently and the work was very wet I decided to take a print off the wet surface onto material.I was quite pleased with the results and then decided to draw onto some of them ,put a piece of wadding behind and stitch.I had hoped the wadding would give some sort of slightly raised surface to the butterflys and flowers.I am dissapointed so far both that the mettalic threads don't really show much and nor are the sewn areas puffed up very much.May be the wadding is too thin ?
I still have loads more to add to them so perhaps I should postpone judgment until they are finished.
Or of course the backgrounds are too strong,not much I can do about that with these two .I shall carry on and also try to get some paler backgroungd.


  1. Lovely shading...

    ...more wadding needed!

    Isn't it amazing how experiments lead onto things?

    Hope Tony is feeling better now...

    x C

  2. Very pretty though Jill. Lovely colours. You could always just put a muslin backing and then stitch and stuff your shapes gently, trapunto style?x

  3. I nominated your for a liebster award. See my blog if you are interested

  4. I have seen this technique done but yours came out so beautifully. It looks so light and magical so I don't think the raised effect that you did not get matters at all

  5. I like the butterflies. Maybe a bit more batting in the spot where your butterflies will go, would help make them puffier. smiles, xo,Susie

  6. Your prints remind me of spring. They are very pretty and colorful. They kind of look like tie-dye, which is a favorite of mine.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  7. Hi, Jill. Very pretty. I find that when I use a thin batt behind and then stitch, all the batting does is give the piece some body. It doesn't make anything pop out. I happen to prefer stitching with a thin batt backing because it's like sewing butter. For me, a fabric backing like flannel or muslin makes more to stitch through, definitely not like butter. You'd probably have to do some trapunto like work or add more batting to get a raised effect.
    best, nadia

  8. Hi Jill, I had taken a break from blogging some time ago and slwly start to come back. I found your sweet comment on my TMTA post from ages ago and came to visit you here. Scrolling down your posts, I have seen that you, too, were hesitant in doing more than jst necessities. But I am all the happier to see that you have picked up the brightness of life which reflects in your inspirational experimental painting. I wish you all the best! Manu


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