Friday, 7 January 2011

Starting too many things and getting nowhere.

I have spent many hours in my workroom these last few days . Started many things but each time reached a point where I thought this is awful,discarded it and began something else. In between I read books ,admired the duck,who has become truly beautiful,danced to an Abba CD, played with the cats,well anything to divert myself from facing all these bad beginnings.
Danny has become a lovely diversion. he ducks and dives, flaps his wings and is full of energy. It is sad someone cut the tendons of his wings and he can't fly.He has several moorhens for company and they are always around him so maybe its not so bad, at least he is safe. His white breast would make him any easy target for La Chasse if he wasn't on our land.


  1. Not wasting time but restoring your muse!

    Danny is gorgeous!xxx

  2. Hello, i come here to say you that i have a candy calendar in my blog.

  3. Going to organise coach trips to come and look through your windows when you are dancing!!!


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