Tuesday, 24 April 2012

One of my favourite quilts.

When I first finished this quilt I thought it was too bright so I folded it up and put it on a shelf.
The other day I took it out and found I liked it after all. One of my favourite passtimes is embroidering insects and flowers,though I did add other things to this one.I made it using mostly silk,I love silk, and 
made all the squares then spent alot of time arranging them. The first plan didn't work at all so I had to make a few more squares until I felt it was reasonable.
I shall take it to the thursday sewing group along with my journal which is almost finished.
I'm also in the middle of a new doll but don't think it will be finished   on time.

Today I spent the morning making backgrounds and trying to get somethings I could use in my journal
The mess I made was amazing butI I had some fun.
Well I am off to my exercise class now, I have to make myself go,partlybecause the teacher speaks so quickly and I often have no idear what she has said.If there is another English speaking person there its not to bad. We can muddle along together.I know its good for me!!


  1. Wow! I love the beautiful colors of your quilt! Happy, energetic colors!

  2. I love those colours. Happy stitching x

  3. The colours in your quilt are gorgeous! Like jewels!
    Happy exercising!

  4. What a jewel of a quilt, so vibrant and alive, I love it. Happy to hear you've been making a creative mess, lol, it's the best kind.

  5. this is a great bright quilt for the horrible rainy weather we are having over here..really cheerful looking

  6. The most beautiful quilt I've ever seen! Thanks for visiting! :))

  7. Your backgrounds are beautiful as is the quilt.


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