Monday, 30 April 2012

The thursday sewing group and their cloth dolls.

  As the  photographs show everyone who comes to the sewing group is lovely.We all chat and share most things and help each other. Most people have finished their first doll,some completly by hand others using the sewing machine.  The faces and hair caused most problems but I did point out that after making so many dolls those two things are still my biggest problem. I have a shoe box in my workroom full of heads I'm not happy with.   I did show them how to get the proportions right and suggested doing quite a few practise drawings were a good idea.

   No bought patterns were used. I took in a selection of arms, legs and body shape drawings and they choose whatever they wanted  to put together  . Sometimes not quite making choices I might have made   but they all were delighted with their first results .I have nearly finished my doll and hope to post her wednesday.                                                               


  1. what fun having a bunch of ladies to do this with.

    I once found a chart of proportions to do with head size versus body size and what not...I will try to find it again to send you link.... where did I find that thing?........

  2. This is so lovely Jill - and I am looking forward to seeing your new doll. Thank you so much for your good wishes, I'm sitting here with my ice pack on, but I can feel some improvement today.x

  3. Wow Jill looks like you all had a lovely time together and the first dolls look delightful. I look forward to seeing your new doll.

  4. I have added you to blog list on both beauty of sorrow and my blog :)
    I can't thank you enough for all the support you give us for reading and putting comments ! I really really really appreciate all that you do and thank you VERY MUCH ! :D
    big xoxoxo


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