Sunday, 24 March 2013

Paintings and a collage

I deleted the blog I wrote yesterday because I tried again with this very old computor and though painfully slow WORKS!!!
I painted this and loved the colours but then wondered what to do with it.I decided to try and copy the colours as best I could using fabric. Then I printed some music onto fabric,painted a flower and printed that,embroidered some butterflys and after coating the back with mat gel I cut them out. I have just begun to add some gold beads to one side after assembling it all.
                                                I have also had fun with these paintings

     This one came about because my lovely neighbour showed me a painting she had done of her soul. It was very interesting and she explained that you don't think at all and just paint a layer,then another and another. Which I did. Then when the paint was wet  I used a stiff dry brush and took some of the paint off. The next day and the next day I kept going and this was where I stopped.
What a relief this has worked far better than my other computor,now I can at least blog without all that frustration.


  1. Everything you make is so pretty! I love the butterflies. I'm really glad you've got your computer problems sorted out.x

  2. Your colour choices are so wonderful. Vibrant and strong and just beautiful. Nice nice work you are doing these days Jill! Love it. Norma, x
    p.s. I read your adventures of living in the COLD and dark. It would be so great to have a nice wood burning stove, for heat and for cooking. There are stoves in Europe that are huge and have a flat area above them [the stove is built in and has a large 'surround'] which is a sleeping platform where the whole family sleeps. One of those would be nice hey??

    1. I missed hearing from you,hope all is well.
      I like the idea of one of those stoves,we're still very cold and damp but I think I saw the sun fro a few moments today!!!

  3. Jill your paintings are lovely with vibrant colours I love your garden painting especially.
    I thought I had posted a comment earlier but looks like not! I don't know what happened but I hope this comment gets through

  4. Have a question on the beautiful painting You did that your neighbor told you about. Did you let each layer dry before putting another over it then on the last layer of each day while it was still wet dry brush?


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