Friday, 15 March 2013

Just recovering from blizzards and no electricity.

I haven't been here for ages and ages because my computer has been playing up and still will not let me download photographs.Tomorrow I shall connect up my very old one and see if that works. I was quite busy until the snow which left us with out power for several days. The house was soooo cold,I went to bed with leggings and jumpers on. The most difficult were the evenings because by 8:00 it was too difficult to read  and the battery was running out on the radio.We are all electricity here,I hope we can get a new cooker that works with gas as well .I did put on lots of clothes and wished I had fingerless gloves and spent much of the days painting.It has made me think about the poor people who have suffered from really terrible things like earthquakes, forest fires ,homelessness because of war etc.
Hope to be back properly soon.

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