Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Easter Weekend

All weekend found myself helping prepare items and setting out tables etc. for a Textile Fair to be held in a small nearby town. I had begun to feel just a bit resentful about the amount of time it was taking up until I saw many of the wonderful fabric and garments that were to be for sale. A sad story unfolded. Many years ago the marquis of a local chateau decided he wanted to forsake all he had and enter a monastry. He tried to give the chateau to the monks but they refused feeling that the upkeep of such a place was not something they wanted. Instead his divorced wife remained there and turned the Chateau into a sumptuous B&B. Sadly the marquis died recently, he had no children so a nephew inherited.The countess is to move to a smaller home and consequently has had a huge clearout. There were attics overflowing with discarded clothing, fabrics,hatpins ,gloves etc from several centuries past. Much was damp and badly damaged some in perfect condition.I bought some beautiful silk flowers ,two wedding tiras, hatpins and more,all a joy to me.

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