Tuesday, 27 April 2010

A surprise visiter to the wood

Yesterday afternoon we noticed the birds over in the wood were making alot of noise,noise that we thought meant they were alarmed about something. We noticed a tiny amount of oats and crushed cornflakes near one of the seats and were puzzled. Then we saw a duck on the Lavoir the first we had ever seen there. We were delighted but then became concerned because we felt she was unable to fly. We put out some food near her and decided to leave her for the night and take a closer look in the morning. Have done just that, she is now happily ensconced ,almost completly hidden from sight in a dense part of the wood. Sadly we found one tiny broken egg near her,and there appears to be no drake. How did she arrive there ? and were the oats left by someone who left her there. Perhaps we will never find out. I hope she remains, I hope she is safe.

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  1. Is it going to be Daphne to go with Maureen the moor-hen and Valerie the water vole?


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