Monday, 12 April 2010

An Interesting weekend

The weather was warm and sunny on Saturday so much was accomplished outside. Sunday was completly different as there was a freezing wind. We got up very early and arrived at a flea market just as the dawn was breaking. It was already a hive of activity with many of the stalls already set up. I always look for lace, vintage fabrics, silk flowers anything I might be able to use when I sew.
I had bought alot the previous weekend at a local fair selling anything that could be called antique or vintage( I think the terms were used quite losely) I knew there would be some items I would
love to buy as I had helped set up the day before. My expectations were exceeded, there was far more there than I had known about. I would have liked to buy most of it being a lover of such things but managed to restrain myself.
The photos show some of our recent buys, sadly much will be sold but I am determined to keep one of the wedding crowns many of the silk flowers and some of the faded floral fabric.

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  1. Oh what lovely things! I have been to similar markets in Belgium and they were wonderful. Not quite the same over here in the UK, sadly!
    (well not in Bristol, anyway!):)


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