Thursday, 29 April 2010

Another eventful day

This morning we rushed over to check the duck was safe as yesterday he had a narrow escape,a local cat was seen stalking him. We spent several hours finding odds and ends of wire fencing to make a three sided enclosure for him. One a cat or fox would find difficult to get through but giving the duck easy access to the water on one side.He will still be vunerable if he goes too far but at the moment he seems to want to stay where he is.

Visited our mayor who has just come out of hospital and was relieved to find him on the mend and his usual cheerful self.

Tony, aided by our lovely neighbour ,took the two black cats to the vet. Now we have to give Millie a pill twice a day, no easy task!!!

While I was trying to tidy the house I came across these two vases, I have never seen another pair, I think they could be from the 1950's

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