Thursday, 8 July 2010

Getting there!

Yesterday I finally made myself finish the doll. I had taken off her head and was going to give her another one but instead changed her hair and added the decorations to link with the colour of the flowers on her dress.I may still give her something to hold but thats for another day when I haven't so many other projects on my mind.

I spent some time yesterday playing with a large dirty and full of holes, piece of material I had bought weeks ago. I felt it would become worse if I put it through the washing machine so decided to cut it up into small bits and waslh those by hand.I then ironed on some light weight bonderweb and cut out the flowers. Not sure yet how I will use them but am pleased with the results


  1. Good idea Madame!!! Trying to have a sort out in my textiles an I have lots of this wonderful old handworked voile that I cannot bear to throw away!!! Now I know how to handle it!! I have found your wonderful 19th century train this morning.......might wear it!

  2. Your doll is just lovely and I think you're right, she needs something to hold, pretty bouquet of flowers perhaps? Sure you'll come up with a wonderful idea. The flowers you've cut out look lovely, so inviting of a myriad of ideas, you do find some gorgeous pieces :)

  3. She is gorgeous. Love the beautiful rich colours of her costume.

  4. your dolls always look so sweet and always such lovely colours.


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