Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Another try

Have tried since the weekend to post another blog but keep ending up with the message that blogger can't be found. Which seems odd since I am writing here. Perhaps today I will succeed?
I am off this morning to put up my dolls etc at the first exibition I am taking part in. I shall be glad when its done.

I have finished these two journal pages, I would like to have made more of them but as I am still experimenting with the gels etc make so many mistakes each page it takes me a
long time to do one.I decided to find an online workshop,thats if this slow internet connection will be fast enough.

The cream page is going in the journal and will stay blank until the day occurs that is right to be recorded on it.


  1. Your journal pages are lovely, so much texture and interest, it must be really nice to leaf through the pages :)

  2. Oh your journal pages are lovely. Good luck with the exhibition. HOpe you will take lots of photos to show. Blogger has been giving tantrums lately LOL!

  3. Your pages look lovely.Please let me know if you find an on line tutorial.


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