Wednesday, 14 July 2010

journal covers and...

I started to make the cover for a journal several days ago and found it extremly difficult. i had no idea just how the various glues, gels , paints, pens and pencils would react to the board covers I was using. I was amazed how worried I was about how it it would look, and what if anything it would be about. I wanted to make a journal after seeing and joining a group on Journaling on the site Roses on my Table. You are given a regular prompt and guidlines to follow if you so wish. I started out thinking I would, but soon realised I had lost the plot and have had to settle for what I did. At least there are two covers, one it seems will be about remembering important happenings in my life and the second needs some lettering and maybe I shall be able to follow the next prompts form the group. They do interest me because you can choose a book for whatever reason and make a page connected with it.


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  3. You are doing well so far I like the flowers, the butterflies and the background, everything is beautiful. Just take a deep breath and go with the the flow.


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