Saturday, 3 July 2010

Too hot to think!

This week has been wonderful, hot and sunny day after day,it has made me feel very lazy. I was so pleased to receive a much wanted new camera for my birthday and have taken loads of photos. Much despair has followed as there was no disc in the box ,no problem said a kind friend and explained that you just do this and that and all will be ok.Well how I have tried! and have to face up to the fact that its too difficult and I have reverted to my old camera for the time being.I'm hoping it was the hot weather that caused my brain to refuse to function but I'm not to sure.
I have finished another doll except for shoes, I may add some later. I have been offered two lots of exibition space, and must finish so many things in the next few weeks.I am not altogether pleased with the new doll and know that I did rush to finish her so if I have the time I will probably change a few things and you will see her again.


  1. How wonderful to have some exhibition space. A bit of panic is probably ok, it'll just keep you moving forward. Deep breaths and just remember you can only do so much, try not to stress, remember to try to enjoy this stage as much as the exhibition itself. Keep us posted :)

  2. Hi Gill,
    Thanks for popping over for a visit! I would be happy to help with your blog whenever you are ready! Have a wonderful weekend!
    Valentine Design
    My Desert Cottage


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