Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Brenda Hutchings Comfort Doll Project

I have finished these two dolls for the project. The dolls are to be sent to Domestic Abuse Shelters .The address of Brenda's blog is : Comfort Doll Project.blogspot.com/. My aim is to make 6 before I post them. Being me I didn't check out the actual requirements for the dolls. Its quite simple ,they should be no more than 6 inches and should be made to carry comfortably if the recipient so wishes. Looking at these two I see that their hair is going to be a problem so I shall fix a loop at the back so they can be hung up rather than carried . I have another one nearly finished also with unsuitable hair!!!!!!!!!!!!. Maybe I should keep these and start again?


  1. I think I have unsuitable hair at the moment. Can you come and deal with mine too?

  2. I think they are adorable. Why is the hair unsuitable? It seems they could still be carried around. Mine looks like that all the time..hehe. (Shirley...your post was funny)



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