Friday, 11 February 2011

Hearts for Valentine day gifts

It has taken me a couple of days to make these hearts, I couldn't seem to get them right what ever I did. But this morning I added the final bits and pieces and decided they were finished. Now I am going to make them into a collages or cards .We are invited out twice for Valentine's day so I made a large batch of fudge and will give a box of that as well.On the 14th we are asked to take a momento or a photo of what we were doing in 1976 as that is the date of the marriage of our friends. It was difficult to remember,I had to trawl through hundeds of old photographs . I found one of me with my children when they came with me to the school where I was teaching .

I have only made one journal page this week, the photo isn't very good and I feel it is too like another one I made for my first journal. But I do love to sew dragonflies and I do love those colours.


  1. Beautiful romantic hearts. Enjoy your valentines day, love Sharon x

  2. They are lovely, but I adore the dragonfly, he's delightful x


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