Thursday, 24 February 2011

last comfort dolls and working on my fabric journal

I made myself finish all the little dolls . Then tried some watercolours. They were dreadful I am very out of practise but did enjoy myself trying. Will try to keep it up. This afternoon I worked on my fabric journal. I'm worried its going to be very thick and putting it together will be a problem maybe?.I loved making the first one but this one is different as it is for one of my daughters and it has proved difficult chosing the content from all the many photos I have of my family. Its strange to think my grandmother is my 18 year old grand daughter's great great grandmother. I have a wonderful photograph of her on a motor bike, I remember her well and she was quite a formidable lady.When I have finished the next one for my other daughter I will make another one for myself, with stories from my life, alot more written content I think. So I can only show the last of the dolls, I hope to post them to morrow.


  1. Love your dolls they're beautiful. Thankyou for leaving a lovely comment on my blog and following! Jan

  2. Lovely Dolls Gill,I have forwarded your blog onto my DIL as i have a 6month old Great Granddaughter,(perhaps Karen would like to make Lola one:) i have to find your fabric journals,I am sure they are beautiful too x


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